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genny upton

Genny Upton, M.A.Ed.

In Lieu of Preschool & Parent Teach Play

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Genny has been sharing preschool-at-home activities here at In Lieu of Preschool since 2011.  She has 7 years combined experience as a 5th grade classroom teacher and a K-5 Title I Reading Specialist.  Genny has been a stay at home mom now for almost 10 years, and has 4 children ages 9, 8, 2, and 1.  She currently teaches her 4th and 3rd graders, and writes about their homeschool adventures on ParentTeachPlay.  Genny is excited about "round two" of preschool with her current toddlers, so look for lots of all new activities here on In Lieu of Preschool!   

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