10 Reasons to Join the NEW All About Preschoolers Community!

This past weekend I set up a BlogFrog community here on the In Lieu of Preschool blog!  It’s titled All About Preschoolers and I’m hoping it grows into a great resource for all of us, but that can only happen if we are all active there, supporting each other!
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So, why should YOU join the All About Preschoolers community?  Here are ten good reasons…

1.  If you have a question about anything related to kids or preschool, you can ask it here.

2.  It’s a place to have discussions about relevant topics.

3.  If you like “question of the day” type queries, you’ll want to stop by often because I’ll post a new one each day to get the conversation going!

4.  Unlike Facebook, you can search through past discussions!

5.  If you don’t have a blog of your own (or even if you do), it’s a place you can share photos of projects or how to’s you’ve done with your child.

6.  It’s a great place to connect with other parents of preschoolers.

7.  It’s a place to share sales and specials that you think might benefit other parents and teachers of young children.

8.  If you are home pre-schooling, homeschooling, or after schooling (i.e. supplementing what your child is learning at school), you can talk with others who are doing the same to glean resources and ideas.

9.  Together we can plan for upcoming holidays, seasons, themes, and occasions.

10.  It’ll make me super happy.  That counts for something, right??? 🙂

So, there you have it!  Come on in to the forum by clicking here or the “Community” tab at the top of the blog and join now!  Feel free to jump into an existing conversation or start a new one!  We’ll be glad to have YOU!! 

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