5 Interesting eBooks on Meal Planning, Parenting, and Nature Study

Here are a couple of eBooks currently on my reading list, some of which I will soon be reviewing for you here on the blog! 

Simplified Dinners
Simplified Dinners easy flexible frugal whole foods cooking meal planning
  • Full review coming soon!
  • written by Mystie Winckler of Simplified Pantry and Simply Convivial
  • Feed your family simply, healthfully, and frugally
  • Encourages homestyle cooking using basic ingredients
  • Enables anyone to transition toward home-prepared, real, whole foods cooking
  • Plan dinner with less thinking
  • Makes meal planning, grocery shopping, and dinner making much simpler
  • You can download a sample and also see a full list of all the included recipes
  • Guideline-style recipes (most recipes include multiple variations in the types of spices or sauces you use)
  • There is also a gluten-free, dairy-free edition available
  • 30 pages

Raising a Creative Kid: 
Simple Strategies for Igniting and Nurturing that Creative Spark
Raising a Creative Kid: Simple Strategies for Igniting and Nurturing that creative spark creativity kids children preschool homeschool art play
  • written by Jillian Riley of A Mom With a Lesson Plan
  • The book covers topics such as what is creativity?, why is creativity important?, preparing a creative environment, putting together your play space, setting up a creative art area, language that inspires and nurtures creativity, and much more!

The Garden Classroom:
52 Kids Gardening Activities
The Garden Classroom 52 Kids Gardening Activities homeschool outdoors play art science math literacy activities children preschool homeschool kids
  • written by Cathy James of NurtureStore
  • includes 52 art, crafts, science, math, literacy, and play activities for a whole year’s worth of garden-based projects to enjoy with your children
  • suitable for children ages 2-10

NaturExplorers Studies
NaturExplorers Studies nature walk nature study clouds butterflies trees fungus rocks rain weather guides holiday seasons
  • Full review coming soon!
  • Lots of different ebooks available — some include Butterflies Flutter By, Captivating Clouds, Delightful Deciduous Trees, Frogs and Toads, Fungus Among Us, Hard as a Rock, Remarkable Rain, and many more!
  • Nature study units for use with nature walks
  • Written with the 1st-8th grader in mind
  • There are also holiday mini-studies (Christmas/Advent and Easter), and a seasonal book written for preschoolers and kindergarten aged children, Nature by the Season – Winter (with more to come!)

The Happy Mommy Handbook:
The Ultimate How-To Guide on Keeping Your Toddlers and Preschoolers Busy, Out of Trouble, and Motivated to Learn

  • by Katie Norris (a mom) and Susan Case (a teacher)
  • the title pretty much says it all for this one!! 🙂
  • also available in paperback
  • Luke’s picture is in this one reading a Peter Rabbit book!
Have you read any of these?
Thoughts?  Opinions?

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