5 Little Pumpkins Fingerprint Cards for Halloween

finger print pumpkins card

Here are some cute and simple cards Luke and Lilah made for their grandma and aunt for Halloween.  These were inspired by Make and Takes’ Sweet Little Thumbprint Pumpkin Patch Cards (Aren’t they darling???) and our favorite Halloween book, Five Little Pumpkins by Dan Yaccarino.  I especially love them because we finally found a way to use up some of the dripped paint left over from our pour painting projects!  You could also modify these cards just a bit to use them for anytime in Autumn, and not just Halloween.

To make the fingerprints, I helped Luke (4) and Lilah (3) dip their fingers into the paint drippings left over from our pour-painted Perfect Painted Pumpkins.  I have tried in vain to find uses for this excess paint to keep it from just going to waste, and now I have finally found two great uses.  This is the first one; stayed tuned for the 2nd one later this week! 🙂 

L&L did 5 pumpkin finger prints each onto white paper.  I love how the paint colors are all swirled together.  Just beautiful!!

fingerprint pumpkins by kids

5 little pumpkins fingerprint cards for Halloween

We let the 5 little pumpkins dry, and then the kids chose a green or brown colored pencil and drew stems onto their pumpkins.  We glued the white paper onto half sheets of orange construction paper folded into a card and pressed them under a book for awhile.  Card stock would have been better, but we were out.

Pumpkin Halloween card

hand crafted Halloween card

On the inside of the cards, the kids got some beginning writing practice!  I wrote “Happy Halloween” in pencil on the card for my 3 year old to trace with a crayon.  Then I wrote her name on a separate piece of paper and she wrote her name all by herself at the bottom of the card.  This was the first time she ever wrote her name without tracing it!  Proud mama here!!

Happy Halloween card

For the 4 year old, I wrote the word “HAPPY” on a separate piece of paper and drew a line onto his orange card so he’d know the space available for writing his word.  He used a pencil to write so we could erase any mistakes if needed, though he didn’t make any.  Once he had finished “HAPPY,” I wrote “HALLOWEEN” on a separate piece of paper and drew a second line for him.  I figured he wouldn’t be able to fit the whole word, so I left enough space we could add a 3rd line if needed, and it turns out we did!  When he finished, he wrote his name at the bottom independently, and then traced over all his letters with crayons.  I wrote his words in all caps because he is using the Pre-K Handwriting Without Tears program and they use all capital letters.

card for Halloween by a child

We left the fronts of our cards plain and the kids were super excited to deliver them to their recipients.  I think they turned out very cute and L&L were proud of them!  If I wasn’t waiting on my printer ink to arrive in the mail, and we hadn’t been in such a hurry to get out the door to deliver the cards, we probably would have added some words to the front like this:

Five Little Pumpkins book inspired card for Halloween

5 Little Pumpkins by Dan Yaccarino

Happy Halloween

Thanks again to Marie from Make & Takes for sharing your pumpkin patch cards which inspired us! 🙂

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fingerprint thumbprint pumpkin image for Pinterest

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