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The ABCs of How to Home Preschool: U-Z

home preschool

 The ABCs of How to Home Preschool Today I’m sharing with you Day Six of the ABCs of How to Home Preschool series!  Today I’ll be sharing with you letters U-Z. If you missed the Day One opener, click here.   If you missed Day Two, letters A-E, click here.   If you missed Day Three, letters F-J, click here.   If you missed Day […]

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Parenting tips and tricks, parenting articles, home preschool curriculum plans, book reviews, and more for parents of toddlers and preschoolers.  

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Toys and Games for Fine Motor Practice

fine motor practice

There are lots of easy, simple, and free fine motor skills activities you can do at home, but sometimes you want something that’s already ready already.  Am I right???  So here are some of our favorite commercially available toys and games for fine motor practice! What do you mean by fine motor practice? Wikipedia defines […]

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125+ Ways to Practice Making Letters

making letters

  Here are lots of different ways you and your child can practice making letters!  A lot of the ideas use everyday objects you have around the house, so could basically be considered FREE, or at least very thrifty!  These “making letters” ideas will mostly appeal to the 2-5 year old age group, especially the […]

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Preschool Math

preschool math activities

Preschool math activities for homeschool or classroom, parents or teachers. Hands-on activity ideas cover topics such as counting and one-to-one matching as well as helping children match counting to print numbers, addition and subtraction, number sense and reading numbers, patterns, developing spatial awareness through activities such as building with blocks and putting together puzzles, & […]

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Preschool Science

preschool science

Preschool science activities and experiments for your homeschool or classroom.  Topics include nature, animals and their habitats, bubbles, volcanos, Earth Day, weather, dinosaurs, & more! Click here if you prefer to do a Science category search instead. Tornado in a Bottle: Easiest DIY Science Lesson EVER!The tornado in a bottle is seriously the easiest homemade science lesson–even […]

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Thanksgiving Secret Message Bath Game

Thanksgiving secret message bath game

Here’s a simple Wash & Learn activity that your child will love: a Thanksgiving Secret Message Bath Game!  Break out your turkey basters for a little seasonal fun & learning in the tub!  Your child will work on learning (or reviewing) their letters and colors, while also practicing fine motor skills, having a blast, and getting squeaky clean!! Play […]

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