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Painting with Cars

(aka L&L’s new favorite art activity)After seeing this blog post by NutureStore pinned on Pinterest, I knew it’d be right up L&L’s alley, especially Luke’s.  This kid has intensely loved cars since he learned to crawl.  Lilah has quite the affinity for cars, too.  And both kids ask to paint almost every day!So, without further ado, […]

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Painting Suncatchers

Looking for a fairly cheap but fun arts and craft project?  Try painting suncatchers! The paint you need costs about $4 at Michael’s and the suncatchers themselves are priced between $0.49 and $0.99/each (Don’t forget there’s a 25% off your entire purchase including sale items at Michael’s through June 11th).  You can probably get bulk packs even […]

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