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Learning Activities

learning activities

Preschool learning activities for homeschool or classroom, parents or teachers. Topics covered include preschool math, preschool reading, preschool science, and preschool writing activities and games.

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Preschool Writing

preschool writing

Preschool writing activities for homeschool or classroom, parents or teachers. Topics covered include sidewalk chalk, drawing, making letters of the alphabet, fine motor skills practice to strengthen hand muscles for future writing, card making, letter play, games & more! 

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Our Favorite Christmas Books: Part One

20 favorite Christmas books for toddlers and preschool kids

We have been reading and enjoying TONS of Christmas books for toddler and preschool aged kids this holiday season!  I thought it’d be nice to share our favorite Christmas books in case you are looking to start or add to your own collection.  These are a mix of religious and secular Christmas books in totally random […]

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Toys and Games for Fine Motor Practice

fine motor practice

There are lots of easy, simple, and free fine motor skills activities you can do at home, but sometimes you want something that’s already ready already.  Am I right???  So here are some of our favorite commercially available toys and games for fine motor practice! What do you mean by fine motor practice? Wikipedia defines […]

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Preschool Math

preschool math activities

Preschool math activities for homeschool or classroom, parents or teachers. Hands-on activity ideas cover topics such as counting and one-to-one matching as well as helping children match counting to print numbers, addition and subtraction, number sense and reading numbers, patterns, developing spatial awareness through activities such as building with blocks and putting together puzzles, & […]

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Christmas Activities

christmas activities for kids

Everything Christmas – kids activities, art and crafts, play ideas, sensory fun, recipes, Christmas cards, kid crafted wrapping paper, Christmas ornaments, and more!  We hope your holiday season is merry and bright!  Click here if you prefer to do a Christmas category search instead. Extreme Glitter Christmas OrnamentsAfter the fun the kids and I had […]

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Arts and Crafts Learning Activities Math Reading Science Writing Parenting Play Activities Christmas BOB Books Printables …how a former teacher and her little ones do preschool at home! SUBSCRIBE NOW!  What We’ve Been Up to Recently… Our Favorite Christmas Books: Part TwoWe have been enjoying TONS of Christmas books this holiday season, so I […]

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Love the Journey — Homeschooling Principles to Practices

Love the Journey: Homeschooling Principles to Practices book review for homeschool parents

Do you know the feeling you get when you find something so exciting you just can’t wait to share it? Well, that’s exactly how I feel right now! I have stumbled upon a brand new homeschool book titled Love the Journey – Homeschooling Principles to Practices. It’s written to encourage teaching moms…especially those who are […]

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Printable Homework and Morning Work – and how I’m using it in my kindergarten homeschool!

printable homework

This past year I have been doing kindergarten homeschool with my oldest child, who just turned 6. By mid-year, his reading and math skills were advanced enough that I wanted to introduce him to some independent work — both for the additional benefits and challenges that would provide him, as well as for having something […]

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