A FREE Online Chore Chart for Kids

After making our “Save, Share, and Spend” banks earlier this week… 

I was excited to find an online resource to help support our new system for money; it’s called My Job Chart.  It’s a FREE, easy to use, online chore chart and reward system for teaching, organizing, and motivating your kids to Save, Share, and Spend responsibly.  My Job Chart was originally created by Gregg Murset, a certified Financial Planner and dad of 6 for use with his own children.  Now the site has over 145,000 kids using it, with over 9.8 million chores completed!

My Job Chart

I just signed us up today, but didn’t want to waste any time in sharing it with you!  I am going to continue to play around with it to figure out how best to use it with our family which shouldn’t be hard because it seems fully customizable!  

Let me walk you through what I’ve learned about My Job Chart and what I’ve found really helpful so far:

* You can set up delivery notifications, so you can stay up-to-date via email and/or SMS (texts via cell phone).  

* You can add each member of your family, including a picture!  I added DH and myself as well.

* Once you have all your family members added, you can assign jobs to everyone or to individuals.  You can choose from a comprehensive listing of jobs with icons, or even enter your own!  You choose the days the chores need to be completed, as well as AM, PM, or both.  You also enter a point value for each chore: one point = one cent.

* The program is very user friendly and let’s you know if you’ve done it correctly!

* Once you have added jobs, you can view a “job summary” page which lets you see an overview of what you’ve assigned to each person by kid…

or by job…

* You have the option of printing the job chart, too, which is probably what we will do for L&L since they aren’t really old enough to use the computer yet. 

* Once you have all the chores set up for each child, you can edit the “Save, Share, and Spend” settings, which are how your child can use the points/money they’ve earned.  My Job Chart gives you lots of options to choose from, and also lets you add your own custom options.  

* The “Save Settings” page gives you the option of setting up a free kids savings account.

* The “Share Settings” page offers lots of charity suggestions, with the option of entering your own.

* The “Spend Settings” page gives you the option of setting up family, custom, or retail rewards.  I personally like the family rewards such as go camping, go fishing, or special mom/dad time.  

* There’s a lot more to the site like helpful tutorials, a parenting tips blog, a daily summary button that allows you to see which jobs have been completed at a glance, and an online message board for your computer-using family members to communicate with each other.  

* Here’s a short video to give you an even better idea of how My Job Chart works:

Overall, I’m really impressed with My Job Chart!  I think it’s a great site for parents of preschoolers on up to teenagers, providing an easy way to assign chores to your children, while helping them to build a strong work ethic and teaching them about financial responsibility.  Additionally, I think it looks pretty fun for kids, so I can imagine they’d be motivated to get their chores done, and hopefully learn a little math along the way, too!  I think L&L will be excited to see their personalized chore charts with their pictures on them next week. 🙂

Have you signed up with My Job Chart yet?
Did I mention it’s FREE??? 😉

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  • Amanda says:

    Thank you! I have tried so many things and I think this is going to work PERFECTLY for my family. My kids are 7, 4 and 3. The banks thing doesn’t work for me because they lose money. We tried paper chore charts but they forget to mark them. As long as they don’t lose steam on this, I think they will really get into it and I LOVE how customizable it is. I already showed my 7 year old how he can organize his points to save, give to our church and then how much he has left to spend and how many points he needs to get to his first reward!

  • Unknown says:

    I am curious if this is still working for you. What I am finding is that I have no way of checking what chores they mark as done do they may mark a job and get credit for it even if they didn’t do it. Any ideas?

  • Anonymous says:

    thanks for sharing..

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