A Fun and Easy Way to Paint Pumpkins!!

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What’s a better way to get into the FALL spirit than to decorate pumpkins?!?  We had such fun in the past painting these rainbow flower pots and this DIY bird bath, that we decided to use a similar method to paint pumpkins this year!  

First, we cleaned the pumpkins off really well with a wet rag and then with a dry one.

Next, I spray-painted the pumpkins.  We used yellow because that’s what we had in the garage.  If I had planned ahead, I would have picked up orange, but the yellow worked fine.  I think the spray paint helps the future paint adhere better, but you could try skipping this step.

After the spray paint dried, we set the pumpkins up on re-purposed applesauce cups on top of cardboard and newspaper to paint.  Being elevated helps the pumpkins not to sit in the paint that drips down and thus speeds drying time.

I set out all our paints on the kids’ little picnic table.  We used acrylic paint, metallic paint, and glitter paint purchased from Michael’s craft store.  You can use as few or as many colors as you like.

Then L&L got to work squeezing the paint onto the stem of the pumpkin, alternating colors often.  If they have difficulty squeezing, sometimes I hold the bottle above the pumpkin for them while they do the squeezing.

As the paint started to run down, it was going down obvious grooves in the pumpkin and not spreading out over the whole surface since it wasn’t perfectly smooth and even, so the kids started squirting the paint in the areas where it wasn’t running down to help the process…basically anywhere on the top half of the pumpkin.

They had so much fun I let them continue to squirt the paint long after the pumpkins were probably painted “enough” — the process is so much fun that the end product is definitely secondary!!

When we had finally had enough fun, we left the pumpkins on the table to dry.  
pour painting pour-paint pour painted tall painting paintings

So far we’ve kept the pumpkins inside since it’s rained every day since we painted them, but my plan is to spray them with polyurethane so we can put them outside for decoration.

table decoration for fall

Table centerpiece for Autumn Thanksgiving Halloween

I let Lilah pose with her pumpkin for some photos one night since she had her face painted at DH’s company picnic, and her constant touching of the pumpkin caused some of the paint to start to peel away from the bottom a little bit, but I think as long as you don’t handle the pumpkins often, the paint should stick just fine.  

posing for pictures matilda jane

matilda jane london dress face paint pumpkin decoration decorating

I did manage to get the pumpkins outside for a few quick pics between rain showers today.

pumpkin photo Adirondack chair
fall decoration yard decoration

pumpkins and mums

I think these pumpkins look great the way they are for an Autumn or Thanksgiving decoration, or you can go a step further and make these into some awesome jack-o-lanterns for Halloween.  

I edited these photos to show how you could further decorate them.  My 4 year old saw the photos on the computer and immediately ran over to our real-life, faceless pumpkins.  The confusion on his face was just priceless!!  Perhaps we will have to decorate our real-life pumpkins, too! 🙂  

happy halloween

jack o lantern

pumpkin faces decorations

orange pumpkins yellow mums
Feel free to share or pin these Halloween greetings as long as your provide a link back! 😉

Have you decorated pumpkins with your kids?

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