A Healthy Anytime Alternative to the Birthday Cupcake

Happy Birthday cupcake

I don’t know about your kids, but mine love birthdays!  They love the cake and the candles and the singing even more than they seem to love the presents.  They love birthdays so much that it’s often a part of their pretend play, even when no one’s birthday is close!  One of L&L’s current favorite ways to play is to make their own birthday cupcakes out of play dough, complete with cupcake liners and real birthday candles.  

In reality, while we do enjoy some tasty treats now and then, I really try to limit the amount of sweets we eat on a regular basis.  To make up for this “deprivation” I sometimes try to make our regular food a little more treat-like for my preschool-aged children.  

Here is a snack I made them this week that looks like a birthday cupcake!  It made both children smile and giggle before they happily ate it up, and I didn’t feel guilty at all about feeding them cupcakes!

Alternative to sweets

Materials Needed:
*silicone cupcake liner
*yogurt of your choice 
*pretzel stick 

1.  Fill a cupcake liner with your choice of yogurt.  We typically use a mix of plain organic yogurt with a little bit of flavored organic yogurt.
2.  Stick a pretzel stick in the center to act as a candle.

That’s it!  It’s super simple and yet very reminiscent of a birthday cupcake.  

healthy cupcake recipe

Too plain?  There are so many ways you could dress this up — add fruit, granola, raisins, or chocolate chips!  Have fun with it and feel good that your child is enjoying something that’s actually pretty good for him/her

a healthy anytime alternative to the birthday cupcake

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