A Kid’s Guide to Atlanta: Centennial Olympic Park

Our family spent 5 nights in Atlanta, Georgia because we tagged along on one of DH’s work trips.  Three of the days DH had to work, and the last two we enjoyed the city together.  I received lots of recommendations and suggestions from friends and Facebook followers for what we should see and do, having never been to Atlanta before ourselves.  I thought I would share with you a couple of posts about some of the places we went, along with my impressions of them based on our one-time visit with a 4 and an almost 3 year old.  Hopefully these will be helpful to you if you live near the Atlanta area or are planning a trip here with young children:

1. The Varsity and 2. Zoo Atlanta were covered in this post.

3. Braves Baseball at Turner Field and 4. Stone Mountain were covered in this post.

5.  Centennial Olympic Park — Centennial Olympic Park was not an intentional destination stop for us.  We happened upon it after we parked in a parking deck and were making our way to the Children’s Museum — Imagine It!  Centennial Olympic Park, which is directly across the street from the children’s museum, the World of Coke, and the Georgia Aquarium, beckoned to us with its fancy gates, open green space, and flowing fountains.  Before we knew it, we were off to explore!  Gotta love the flexibility of a vacation schedule!!  

Centennial Olympic Park truly is a gorgeous park, right in the heart of downtown.  There are covered picnic areas, public bathrooms, two fun playgrounds, lots of fountains, a splash pad area known as the Fountain of Rings, which also has set times for musical concerts which use the fountains, a little walk-up restaurant — Googie Burgerthat I happily noted featured some all-natural and organic options, and lots and lots of open, green space!

Pros — The view is beautiful.  The wide open space is great for just about anything you could imagine doing.  The playgrounds were really fun; L&L adored the conveyor belt style slide.  

The Fountain of Rings was a great way for the kids to cool off on a hot day.  Lilah even ran over to me at one point while playing in the fountains and said, “I’m having the best time in the whole world!”  I’ve never heard her say anything like that before, so it really must have been special!! 🙂  Lilah and I enjoyed milk shakes and Luke had a lemonade from Googie Burger, which is conveniently located adjacent to the Fountain of Rings.  DH and I also tried their fried pickles!  Having public bathrooms nearby was also quite convenient with 2 little ones!!  And the best part was that all this fun (minus the food and parking) was completely FREE!!!

Cons — None really.  I guess my only complaint would be that it was really hot sitting and watching the kids play in the Fountain of Rings because there was no shade there and it was a day around 100 degrees.  I wish I could have gotten in, too! 🙂  Oh, and the food is fairly expensive, so pack a lunch and snacks, or just be prepared to pay higher food costs while you’re there. 

Overall we had a great time there.  We stayed for an hour or so walking around and playing on the playground before we eventually headed over to the Children’s Museum.  After the museum closed, we went back to the park and spent several more hours there, getting drenched in the fountains, playing on the playground, and listening to a concert that started up while we were there. 🙂

Stayed tuned for my next “A Kid’s Guide to Atlanta” post which will feature Imagine It! — The Children’s Museum of Atlanta.

Have you been to Centennial Olympic Park?  
Does your community have a splash pad?

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