A Kid’s Guide to Atlanta: Imagine It! Children’s Museum

Our family spent 5 nights in Atlanta, Georgia because we tagged along on one of DH’s work trips.  Three of the days DH had to work, and the last two we enjoyed the city together.  I received lots of recommendations and suggestions from friends and Facebook followers for what we should see and do, having never been to Atlanta before ourselves.  I thought I would share with you a couple of posts about some of the places we went, along with my impressions of them based on our one-time visit with a 4 and an almost 3 year old.  Hopefully these will be helpful to you if you live near the Atlanta area or are planning a trip here with young children:

1. The Varsity and 2. Zoo Atlanta were covered in this post.

3. Braves Baseball at Turner Field and 4. Stone Mountain were covered in this post.

5. Centennial Olympic Park was covered in this post.

6.  Imagine It! The Children’s Museum of Atlanta — 

We arrived at Imagine It! right after lunch.  We got distracted by played at Centennial Olympic Park for awhile and then ate lunch at Pemberton Cafe (located between the Georgia Aquarium and World of Coke) prior to heading over to the museum.  Centennial Olympic Park, the children’s museum, World of Coke, and the Georgia Aquarium are all next to each other and within easy walking distance!!  So convenient!! 

With temperatures being in the upper 90s and surpassing 100 on the days of our trip, we all really looked forward to an afternoon of playing indoors at the museum!!  

My first impression of the museum was that the tickets were really expensive!  Everyone in your party has to pay, unless they’re under age 2, so for the three of us (a 2yo, a 4yo, and myself) it cost over $40, and since we arrived around noon and the museum closes at 4, that gave us only 4 hours to play.  You may want to go a little earlier for a full day of play to make the cost more bearable!  If you live in the area, I’m sure a yearly pass would make it much more affordable.  

With that being said though, the kids had a BLAST here and I do highly recommend it!!

Don’t let the word “museum” throw you off; Imagine It! is really a kids’ play place!  There was no shortage of things to do here, and in fact, I had to beg the kids to move on to other areas at times because they would get so into playing, yet I wanted us to get a taste of the whole museum.  

There was a full-size tractor to sit on, a cow you could “really” milk, a delivery truck with a conveyor belt for sliding boxes (Luke’s favorite), a kitchen and a store set up complete with play food, grocery carts, a scale, and a register (Lilah’s favorite), an area to build with PVC pipes, joints, and foam blocks — similar to giant Tinkertoys, a huge cloud / moon dough play area, a climbing wall, a dress-up area with a huge mirror, a tap dancing area…

…a tree house, a reading area, a huge train table, a fishing and water play area, a painting area, an area for kids 2 and under, a ball area with lots of different activities you could do, and so, so much more!!

Pros — There was no shortage of things to do here; my two absolutely LOVED it and could easily have played here all day and then some!  If we lived nearby, we’d definitely get a membership!  There are lots of different play areas, so your child is sure to find something they like.  It’s also nice that it’s indoors for days the weather outdoors is less than ideal.

Cons — The only con is that admission is pretty expensive, especially considering adults have to pay for entry, too.

Overall, we absolutely LOVED the children’s museum and highly recommend it if you live in or around Atlanta, or if you’re planning a trip to the area. 🙂 

Stayed tuned for my next “A Kid’s Guide to Atlanta” post which will feature The Georgia Aquarium.

Have you been to Imagine It?  

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  • Lindsay says:

    What a great children’s museum! We have a children’s museum in our city. For $100 we joined w/ a reciprocal membership and can get into a lot of museums for free or discounted rate. This includes the Atlanta membership (for free). Here is a list of the reciprocal membership museums: http://www.childrensmuseums.org/visit/reciprocal.htm for anyone that is interested.

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  • This looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing at Tuesday’s Travels. I need to find us a place like this closer to home.

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