A Peek into Our Treasure Basket


To go along with our sticker charts which I posted about yesterday, I’ve created a little treasure basket for the kids.  Once they fill up one of their sticker charts — whether it be for academics, potty learning, or positive behavior — they may choose an item from the treasure basket as a reward.  Some of the prizes are tangible and some are intangible.  Most of the items are very inexpensive and some are even free, just costing a little bit of time.  I think the treasure basket is going to be very motivating at our house, and I plan to let L&L help with picking future prizes for the basket; if they want what’s in it, they’ll definitely try harder to earn their stickers!! 🙂  

I thought you might enjoy taking a little peek into our treasure basket…

The tangible prizes are mostly small items, costing anywhere from around $1-$3.  I try to look for items that are not just “junk” or “filler items” but are things the kids will actually use often or learn something from.  Some of the items I had bought to give to the kids anyway and figured they’d be more meaningful if they earned them, so I added them to the basket.  

Some of the tangible prizes in our basket right now are: 

  • some cupcake shaped ice cream bowls with spoons
    • $1/each from Walmart
    • I thought Lilah would enjoy those in her sandbox and water table for pretend cooking, and also for “feeding” her babies.
  • jump ropes
    • $1/each from Walmart
  • balsa wood glider planes
    • a few dollars each from A. C. Moore
  • Toobs with plastic figurines
    • I buy these when they are on sale or using a coupon at A. C. Moore; we like to use them in themed sensory bins and just for general play

I also added some intangible prizes to our treasure basket.  These are items that don’t cost anything except time.  I printed out 6 options and added some clip art to help my little pre-reading preschoolers be able to tell what they are:
  • Playdate with Mom or Dad
  • Pick a movie or video
  • 30 minutes on the iPad
  • Your choice of breakfast or dinner at home
  • Go to the park or playground
  • Go on a nature walk

If these options work for you, you can print a free copy of our rewards sheet here.  Otherwise, come up with your own!  It only took me a few minutes to create ours using Microsoft Word.

Do you use a treasure basket at your house?  
What’s in it?
Feel free to share a photo of your treasure basket or reward system on my Facebook page.

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  • This is a great post about rewards. I like that some of the rewards are play activities. Please stop by and add a link to this post on Artsy Play Wednesday on Capri + 3, a new weekly linky featuring posts about arts, crafts and play activities. You have many other posts that you could link too that people would love to see. I hope to see you there.

    : 0 ) Theresa

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