A Preschool Curriculum Round-Up

Why use curriculum in preschool?

While my personal opinion is that you do not NEED any curriculum for preschool, I know many people, including myself, often like to have some pre-made plans just to make life simpler, and sometimes kids really like and enjoy this type of thing.  Plus, most curriculums have really come a long ways in recent years, and a big majority of them really help to make learning hands-on and FUN!  My children really enjoy the curriculum and programs we’ve tried so far, and the truth is, well…I heart curriculum!  I really do.  

Another reason I am pro-curriculum is that I just don’t have the time to make every lesson or activity we do from scratch!  

A Few Notes About Curriculum

The curriculums and programs listed below range in level from preschool to kindergarten to early elementary because every child is different and regardless of age, may be at a different level — so always read about curriculums with your child’s current levels and interests in mind.  Don’t always just go by the level listed on the curriculum; those are meant more as a guide than set-in-stone!  Keep in mind that you want to challenge your child, but not frustrate them!   Try to remember that the main goal in working with your young child is not to fill their head with facts, but to nurture their curiosity in hopes of creating a lifelong learner!  

Also worthy of noting: some of these curriculums may be Christian- or Biblically-based, even if not stated outright.  

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Whether you are looking to do preschool at home like we do (homeschool), want to supplement at home what your child is doing at preschool or school, or are a teacher of little ones, here are some curriculum, programs, handbooks, and guides we personally like, have used, are using, or are looking into using in the future. 🙂

Reading — Literature (Read Alouds):

  • Before Five in a Row 
  • Five in a Row  
    • I have multiple posts on BFIAR and FIAR on the blog and will hopefully add lots more this year as this is one of our favorite programs…use the search bar in the upper right to search; even if you don’t buy the actual FIAR manuals, you can find the EXCELLENT book lists and go-along activities online.  Also, your library may have the manuals and books available for check-out.

Reading — Alphabet / Letter of the Day or Week:

Reading — Learning to Read / Reading Instruction:

Reading — Sight Words:




Math Manipulatives:


Social Studies / Geography / History:




Language Learning:

Fine Motor:

Montessori (books & resources for parents):
These may be available for check out at your library.

Comprehensive or General Curriculum:

Blogs & Sites Offering FREE!  Printables:

Please add any curriculums or early learning programs that you like, are researching, or want to know more about in the comments!!!  I will add more here as I learn about them and try them out. 🙂 

Also, if you have any questions about anything mentioned above, feel free to ask!!  If there’s a lot of interest in particular ones, I can always do a more in-depth post on it. 🙂

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