A Sensory Bin for Two

 Like I mentioned in previous posts about our sensory bins (links are at the end of this article in case you missed them), I’ve recently made a couple more because L&L (ages 4 and 2-1/2) are so into them these days.  The bin we used to let the two of them play in seems better sized for just one child now. 

(These bins must shrink over time because there is no way MY kids are growing that fast.  No way.  Not mine.  Babies, they are.  Babies, I say!)

Walking through Lowe’s after a Build & Grow clinic recently, I saw some containers I thought would make ideal sensory bins.  I bought two of them — one in a size similar to our first bin (so that both L&L can each have a “personalized” sensory bin…though they can still share!) and one large one so that two or more children can easily play at once.

Here’s the larger container’s label:

I picked this particular bin because it had a large surface area, was deep enough without being too deep, the bin was clear so it’s easy to see what’s inside and it doesn’t block the light, and I liked that it had a “lock-on” lid for a little extra protection when I’m carrying it around.  It was around $10.

Luke requested we make this one a castle and knights bin.  

He doesn’t look too happy here because I asked him to let me get a pic BEFORE he started playing!

We built the castles ourselves at a Lowe’s Build & Grow clinic.  They have working drawbridges, which are pretty nifty.  The paper princess, knights, and dragons came with the kit and they came with little paper stands that didn’t hold up so well, but they stand up just fine in the dried bean mix even without the stands!

Top view

The knights that are plastic I found at Target marked down to ~$1.50.  They seem to be a generic version of Toobs.

Another view from the top

The filler for this bin is a dried bean mix.  I ordered it through a coop in a huge quantity and I don’t know if I’ve used any of it in my cooking, so at least it’s seeing some action now!  For other filler ideas, see this post.

I’d like to add a few more things to the bin to make it more interesting, but L&L are enjoying it so far.  Luke particularly likes burying the knights in the beans and saying they fell into the water of the moat when they get too near the castle.

Here’s a knight that just “fell into the water of the moat!”

I love that both kids have plenty of room to play when they use this bin at the same time.



As a side note, we enjoyed rereading The Magic Tree House: The Knight at Dawn after we built these castles and it really helped to get L&L excited to play with their castles and reinforced the content-specific vocabulary, which I now hear them using when they play with the sensory bin.  Yay! 🙂

Here are links to our other sensory bin posts in case you missed them:

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2 comments to A Sensory Bin for Two

  • That sensory bin looks like so much fun! It has been a while since I have brought one out I will have to do that soon!

  • Great sensory bin! I love that your son was instrumental in helping to decide the theme of the sensory bin. We have a large bin like that for sensory play, and you are right that it’s the perfect size for two preschoolers.

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