ABC Find Write Erase Bath Game

Did you see the Bath Tub Drawing Boards we created?  If not, hop over to our sister site, Parent Teach Play, to see those first and then come back here to see the fun ABC Find Write Erase Bath Game we made up to use with our drawing boards!  This game is great for beginning writers!  My kids loved playing and had a lot of fun while practicing their letters and their writing!!

ABC Find Write Erase Bath Game

abc find write erase

This bath time activity is part of the Wash and Learn series!  This week I’m proud to introduce a new member in the collaboration, Train Up a Child!  Be sure to click the links at the end of the post to see more early literacy bath activities by Bath Activities for Kids and Train Up a Child.

Setting up the ABC Find Write Erase Game

To set up this bath was super simple!  All I did was use a bath crayon to write A-Z on the bath tub wall.  Then I set up the bath tub drawing boards (click the link to see how to set them up!).  That was it!

abc find write erase

Playing ABC Find Write Erase

To play, I’d call out a letter of the alphabet.  One of the kids would find the letter and point to it.  

abc find write erase

Next, they’d practice writing the letter on their drawing boards, either with their finger or with the end of a thick-handled paint brush.

abc find write erase

 I helped as necessary to ensure they always wrote their letters from the top down.  

abc find write erase

After their letters were written, one child would get to erase the letter from the bath tub wall by painting it with water until it disappeared!

abc find write erase

It’s really a super simple ABC game, but my two preschoolers loved it and it gave them some sensory play, and alphabet and writing practice all in one! 

Be sure to pop over to our sister site, Parent Teach Play, to see our bath tub drawing boards if you didn’t already!  They are so simple and so much fun!

Also, be sure to hop over to Train Up a Child to see a fun ABC tape resist activity and to Bath Activities for Kids to see another alphabet bath activity!! 

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  • Renee says:

    Good clean learning fun, pun indeed 🙂 Love it!

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    Great idea! I will have to try this out with my 3 yr old.

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