An Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet Game

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This is a fun and simple activity that doesn’t take long to make or do.  Alphabet Toss-Up incorporates movement into learning to get kids’ interest piqued and provides practice differentiating between upper and lowercase letters!  

This game is probably best for ages 3-7 or preschool, kindergarten, and first grades.

an uppercase and lowercase alphabet game

Alphabet Toss-Up

Materials Needed:
* Card stock or unlined index cards
* Pen or marker

Making the Alphabet Cards:
1.  Cut the paper into small uniform squares, rectangles, or whatever shape you want to use.
2.  Write uppercase letters on one side and lowercase letters on the other side.

Playing Alphabet Toss-Up:
1.  Hand the cards to the child and ask them to toss the cards into the air.  
2.  Fan the pile out manually with your hands if it ends up too bunched up, or allow the child to retoss until you get a good spread of cards.  This is the fun part!
3.  Have the child flip all the cards over to uppercase, or alternately, to lowercase.


Keep it Simple:
1.  Start with all cards of the same letter, as in the photo above.
2.  Limit the overall number of cards used to avoid causing frustration.

Create a Challenge:
1.  Use a larger number of cards overall.
2.  Use different letters in the same toss-up — start with cards of 2 or 3 different letters at once, and advance to a higher number of different letters included as the child’s mastery increases.
3.  Use a timer to see how fast the child can get all the cards flipped correctly.  Repeat and see if they can beat their own time!  Only do this if the child enjoys it.  Some kids will not like the pressure a timer adds, but some like the motivation of racing against the clock.  You could even create a chart to record the times.

Other Variations:
1.  Instead of flipping the cards to all uppercase or all lowercase, have the child sort the cards into an uppercase pile and a lowercase pile depending on how the cards fell after the toss-up.  Count how many uppercase letters there are.  Count how many lowercase letters there are.  Were there more uppercase letters or more lowercase letters in the toss-up?  Try it again and compare.  You could also chart the numbers.

an uppercase and lowercase alphabet game

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