Animal Stamping Fun…and How We Display and Store Art!

(For reference, Luke is 3 years, 4 months old and Lilah is 22 months old.)

Before I started this blog, I did a post on Facebook about how much L&L love to stamp:

“L&L love to stamp! They have an animal stamp set from Melissa & Doug that they use right now. (I have lots more stamps that I will let them use once Lilah learns to always put the rubber side on the stamp pad and not the reverse.) After they stamp, they like to use crayons and colored pencils to add color to their pictures. This is a great fine motor activity!!”

Here are some of the pictures I posted of the fun we were having that day:

Today, we got out the animal stamps again.  I added a fun, new multicolored stamp pad I picked up at Michael’s using a coupon (I think it’s regular price is $3.99 at Michael’s but for reference, it looks like this one I found on Amazon and you can see it in the pics below).  

I helped the kids by washing the bottom of the stamps with a baby wipe between stamping to keep the colors on the stamp pad from getting so mixed up.

Here’s a shot of Lilah’s page of stamps.  The quality of her stamping improves each time we do this activity!

Luke made a really neat red octopus border on his page:

When L&L had filled their pages with multi-colored animal stamps, I brought out our new Crayola Twistables Special Effects Crayons.  

Here’s the description of the Special Effects Crayons according to Amazon:
“Give your creativity a boost with fun effects like neon, metallic, and rainbow! Twistables crayons feature break-resistant plastic casing and never need sharpening-just twist and color! This package contains eight neon crayons, 8 metallic crayons, and 8 multi-colored rainbow crayons.”

Of course, I bought them from Michael’s with a coupon. 🙂

We store all our crayons, markers, chalks, paint brushes, etc. in either cups (usually plastic ones that we save from restaurants — like this cup is one from our recent beach trip) or small buckets (like can be found in the $1-$2.50 section at the front of Target) for quick and easy access.  They are all stored on a shelf in a cabinet in our family room.  I just grab whatever cup(s) of supplies we need and sit them on the table for the kids to use.  They can easily grab and replace what they need without any assistance, and it’s easy to see what’s available to use.

Lilah still uses a fist grip when she colors, but Luke is getting the hang of the tripod grip!!  Sometimes I have to remind him to “hold it like a pencil” though as he reverts to the fist grip occasionally.

This picture below shows Luke’s neat red octopus border again.  It was all his idea to do and it turned out really cool looking!

I love how hard they concentrate while they work!

And here’s their completed work.  Ta-da!

We hung their art up on the windows in our kitchen/breakfast nook where I have a piece of twine running across several windows, similar to a clothes line.  They pages are held in place with miniature clothes pins.  

Now that we’re doing art pretty much every day, I had to start thinking about what to do with all of it.  It adds up quickly! 

So far, this is our system:

As soon as their art is complete, we normally display it somewhere: hanging on the window “clothes line,” put into their art frames we have in the kitchen (you can see the frames in this post), or pinned on the bulletin board upstairs in the hallway outside their rooms. 

I also just bought two boxes from Michaels (yes, with coupons!) to hold their artwork.  Right now pretty much everything goes into the boxes once it comes down from being displayed.  My goal is to go through it at least once a year if not more often.  Some I plan to photograph and make into a collage so I don’t have to keep all the originals forever, and some that are really special I plan to move to longer term storage (maybe an underbed box???) where it’ll be sorted by their age.  

Some of their larger art pieces we also use for wrapping paper!!  I just love how cute and personal it is, plus it recycles some of the pieces I may not be able to find a good place for otherwise. 🙂

Does your child like to stamp?  How do you display and store your child’s artwork?


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  • Anonymous

    Hello, I just happened upon your blog via Pinterest…. my 3yo DD does a LOT of ‘art’, too much for me to keep it all. I only keep the ‘good’ ones. I haven’t done this yet, but I plan to photograph/scan the works and save them to disc for record.

    Love the big stamp pad! I realise this post is a year old now but I’m having a little lookie around 😉

    Roz from Down Under!

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