Antarctic Adventures: Penguin Bowling

Recently I was asked if we’d like to get a sneak peek at Kiwi Crate‘s upcoming December crate.  Of course they had me at SNEAK PEEK!  

Our green box arrived this week and I pulled it out this morning to see if the kids wanted to open it up.  You bet they did!  They love getting packages in the mail!!

I was honestly surprised at just how much stuff was in the box!  I was also impressed that many of the materials were ones we wouldn’t use up while making the crafts and we could add them to our own stock of craft supplies!

After pulling everything out of the Antarctic Adventure box, I let the kids decide if they wanted to make the Penguin Bowling set or the Aurora Postcards.  

They chose Penguin Bowling and it was easy for me to see why.  The little penguin bodies waiting to be decorated were already irresistibly cute!  I quickly read through the little brochure on Penguin Bowling that came with the kit.  I liked how it showed me the messiness and grownup involvement levels on the front of the brochure, as well as what the activity would cover: creating, moving-gross, and moving-fine.

The kit came with stickers and a marker for decorating the thick cardboard penguins.  Luke and Lilah had a blast decorating them with hats, ties, sunglasses, gloves, and buttons!  They drew on their eyes and beaks.  

While they decorated, I read aloud some of the “things to think about” from the little brochure on Penguin Bowling which shared some interesting facts about the birds.

I helped L&L to put the bases on their decorated penguins.  

Immediately the penguins started interacting and talking to each other.  L&L are very much into pretend play these days…and the way those penguins suddenly came to life reminded me a lot of when the magic hat was placed on Frosty’s head!!

We set the penguins up on the rug in our living room so we could bowl.  I showed L&L how to set them up and then roll the ball to bowl them over.  I was surprised when all the penguins complained about being knocked over and said that the ball was hurting them.  These little guys were more alive than I knew!   

I did convince L&L to try the bowling activity once or twice apiece, but before long, the whole penguin family was off on an Antarctic adventure of their own, all over the house.  There were Daddy penguins, and Mama penguins, and baby penguins.  

It’s been an hour and the penguins are still happily playing…err…I mean the kids. 😉

Guess we’ll save the post card activity for another day! 😉

In addition to the penguin bowling set and the really neat looking Aurora post card activity, the kit also includes a pamphlet called “Explore More!” which lists additional projects (in this case, mostly science experiments involving ice — hence the super cute ice cube mold that came in the kit), a sticker, and a website to visit which includes additional projects, online resources,  suggested books, mobile apps, kiwi printables, and more!

This was our first hands-on experience with Kiwi Crate, and we were all very impressed! 🙂 

In addition to their monthly projects crate subscription you can sign up for or gift, they also have a store where you can buy specific crates, party favors, and stocking stuffers!  

Through November 22nd, you can also enter to win a free year of Kiwi Crate!  
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Genny Upton

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