Artsy Valentine’s Cards: From Flop to Fabulous!

valentines card craft

Here’s another really simple idea for a Valentine’s Card.  If you missed our first simple Valentine’s Card, you can see it here.

This card idea actually came about because of a flop!

I gave Luke a card with a heart shape penciled on the front and asked him to fill it in with paint.  As he painted, I realized it was much too difficult for him to keep the paint exactly in the lines.  There was no way anyone would know it was a heart because it was so messy. 

I couldn’t bear to tell Luke his card was no good.  He did his best and he was proud of his work.  See.

Then I got an idea.  An awful idea.  The Grinch got a wonderful, awful idea.  

No, wait, that’s a different story.  This idea was actually just a wonderful one.  See below!

Much better, huh?

Okay, here’s how to repeat our “from flop to fabulous” card! 🙂

1.  Fold a card from card stock or construction paper–or whatever else you have on hand.  

2.  Trace a heart shape using a stencil, cookie cutter, or other pattern of your choice onto the front of the card.  You could really do any shape, but since it’s almost Valentine’s, we went with hearts. <3

3.  Have your child paint the shape, staying in the lines as best they can.  Honestly, this is where it kind of looks better if they don’t do all that great. 🙂

4.  Let the paint dry.  Water your plants.  Read a book.  Whatever. 🙂

5.  Place your stencil, cookie cutter, or pattern on top of the painted heart shape and trace around it with a permanent marker.  I used black.

Voila!  Now the messily painted heart shape actually looks quite artsy! 🙂

I plan to print “happy valentine’s day” on white paper, cut it out, mount onto a different color card stock (perhaps red) and glue it to the front bottom of the card.  Another idea is to print various Valentine’s words like “heart,” “love,” and “be mine” and mount them in the center of the hearts.

Whatever you choose to do, even leaving the hearts plain, will look super cute!  In my opinion, nothing beats cards handmade with love. 🙂

<3 Happy Valentine's Day <3

valentines card craft

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  • […] Artsy Valentine’s Cards: From Flop to Fabulous […]

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