Before Five in a Row: Pinterest Style!

Update: All the Before Five in a Row and Five in a Row book boards are now combined into this one Five in a Row (FIAR) Book Activities for Kids board on Pinterest for easy browsing!

Before Five in a Row & Five in a Row

I’m starting Pinterest boards for each of the books used in the Before Five in a Row and Five in a Row Vol. 1-4 manuals.  If you don’t know about the Five in a Row program, you should definitely check it out whether you are “homeschooling” or not because it’s something any parent can do to supplement your child’s reading instruction and make some awesome memories with your child!  Basically each manual contains a list of books and activity suggestions; you choose one of the books and read it five days in a row with your child and do activities along with it (if you choose) to help your child learn more and build more experiences.  It is chock full of GREAT literature and has really helped to instill a love of reading in my children!  We are are LOVING it so far!  

Before Five in a Row curriculum -- Pinterest boards based on the books used in the program

While the Five in a Row manuals give you some suggestions and ideas for activities, it never hurts to have more!  That’s where the Pinterest boards will come in handy!

Each day, I’ll post one book title on the In Lieu of Preschool Facebook page starting May 7th and running for the rest of the month of May, and if you have any links to ideas, blog posts, resources, music, videos, printables, recipes, drawing pages, art projects, crafts, etc. that go along with the book or its theme, please share!  You can also share here in the comments of this post!  I’ll pin the links on the Pinterest board I’ve created for that book, and then we will all have access to some great resources to go along with LOTS of quality kids’ books!  

I’m going to start with the “Before Five in a Row” Books.  Be sure to follow each book’s Pinterest board you’re interested in!  If you’re interested in lots, it’s probably easier to go to my boards’ page and follow from there rather than clicking each individual link here or just choose “Follow All.”

Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?
Yellow Ball
My Blue Boat
The Little Rabbit
Ask Mr. Bear
Blueberries for Sal
Goodnight Moon
The Big Green Pocketbook
The Runaway Bunny
The ABC Bunny
If Jesus Came to My House
Caps for Sale
The Carrot Seed
The Snowy Day
The Quiet Way Home
Play With Me
Prayer for a Child
I am an Artist
Angus Lost
Katy No-Pocket
We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
The Red Carpet
Jenny’s Surprise Summer

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  • What a fantastic idea! Thank you!!

  • Anonymous says:

    love your site and your pins! I am a retired homeschool mom who owns and operates a private daycare/preschool. We will be using this with our 2 yr olds and 18 mo. old who loves reading, can make the alphabet sounds, loves loves loves books!
    Thanks, we will be using your site. THANK YOU!

  • I love this idea. We use FIAR with our 5 and 3 year old-maybe should have started with BFIAR-but we love the books and have had such fun with these books. Most of the books were unknown to us before and we have found some great new authors. The downside, for us, is that being in the UK fewer are available in the library but we have found some and made some wonderful additions to our home library.

  • Hannah says:

    Thank you so much for putting these together! I stumbled upon this post while gathering ideas to homeschool my 3 year old daughter this fall. I will be spending lots of time going through all your pinterest boards now. Thanks again, you made my life easier and my daughter is going to love all these activities!!!

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