Behind on Laundry {Memories of a Mom}

My 5 year old has suddenly taken affinity to certain items of clothing, one being his beloved Carolina Panthers shirt. He will wear it for a week straight unless we intervene and remind him that clothing must, at least occasionally, be washed. This week, I have been sick. In the bed sick. Apparently I must have fallen behind on laundry because this conversation just happened…


Behind on Laundry

Luke (excitedly): Mom, I know how to wash shirts!

Me: Oh, you do?

Luke: Yep, you just get them really wet. Then hang them up to dry.

Me: Yeah, that’s a pretty good description.

Luke: I washed my Panthers shirt.

Me (with visions of what that really entailed racing through my mind): You WHAT?!?!?!

…and I dashed off to see what wet mess awaited me upstairs!

Of course after all the fires were put out, I thanked him for his help and assured him I’d get his shirt washed, complete with laundry detergent, ASAP! 😉


{Memories of a Mom} is a series I started and hope to update regularly recording all the things I don’t want to forget about my children…the milestones, the joy, the tears, and most of all the laughs!  Hope you will enjoy laughing along at with us!  You can read other Memories of a Mom posts and my similar series that came first, What I Should Have Written in my Baby Book, by clicking the links.

memories of a mom

Have your children ever taken it upon themselves to “help” you with the laundry or other chores? How’d it turn out?

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