BFIAR: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

(This post is currently incomplete and will be added to as we complete more days of “rowing” but I wanted to go ahead and publish in case anyone had any great resources to share while we were still working on the book!)

I just recently found out about the Five in a Row program and I’m in love.  Luke has always especially loved books, and Lilah’s finally warming up to them, too, so I think this program is going to be a great fit for us.  The Before Five in a Row version is for 2-4 year olds, so we’re starting with that.  To learn more about Five in a Row, you can check out my curriculum post here.

Basically Before Five in a Row (BFIAR) is a manual that lists 23 great books for children ages 2-4 (the program continues as Five in a RowBeyond Five in a Row, and Above and Beyond Five in a Row for older kids).  The manual goes on to list activity and discussion suggestions to use with the books.  The idea in Five in a Row is that you read the book to your children for 5 consecutive days and follow the reading with an activity/discussion or two; this isn’t necessarily how you have to do Before Five in a Row, but we’re going to use the same approach so that moving into FIAR will be a smooth transition.

The first book I chose to “row” with the kids is We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen.

I chose it for a couple of reasons, namely because we already owned it!  The other reason is it’s a book the kids really like already and wouldn’t mind if we read it some more.  I figured it’d be an easy book to start with for both them and me to get us used to this new routine!

To begin preparing, I collected as many ideas and printables from the web as I could!  I started a new board on Pinterest to keep track of it all.  

Check it out here and if you have any other blogs, pictures, websites, activities, recipes, etc that would go along with this book, PLEASE let me know so I can add them.  (If you see a pin you like on the Pinterest board, you can click on it and be taken to the website, blog, etc. that it came from.)  Hopefully this will be a help to others!  I plan to create boards for each of the Before Five in a Row and Five in a Row books, so send me your ideas and links for those, too! 🙂

Here’s how we’re rowing We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!  I will be back to add days 3-5 (and possibly more) as well as photos when we finish over the next few days.  (It may be next week before it gets posted though because we have back to back long-weekend trips coming up that will throw our schedule off a bit.)  

Day One: completed 8/1/11
* Read the book: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.
* Sequencing Cards from the printable lapbook on Homeschool Share: We put them in order and made the sounds that go with each (i.e. swishy swashy, swishy swashy, splash splosh, splash splosh, squelch squerch, squelch squerch, etc.) all the way down the row.  Then we talked about the bear and then worked our way back through all the sounds to the beginning like the family going to the cave and then all the way back home.
* Watch the author’s video: here or here or below

Day Two: completed 8/2/11
* Read the book: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.
* Sequencing Cards — review from Day One
* Make the which bear lives where printable from the printable lapbook on Homeschool Share.  I cut and Luke glued.
* Read aloud the scenes while parading around the house acting it out — quite fun! 🙂
* Color the pattern bears from the printable lapbook on Homeschool Share.  We used markers.  Luke did 2 strips and Lilah did one.
* Later in the day, we also watched the video again.

Day Three: completed 8/5/11
* Read the book: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. 
* Sequencing Cards — review

Day Four: completed 8/8/11

* Read the book: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.  L&L recited along with me while I read.  Luke insisted I read it “like the author on the video” so of course I obliged! 🙂

* Sequencing Cards — review
* “Which Bear Lives Where” review
* Read aloud mud poem from Homeschool Share printable lapbook.  Kids acted out wallowing in the mud while I reread it a few times.

Day Five: TBD

* Our schedule for this first book was different than what most weeks will be because we have two long-weekend trips scheduled back-to-back.  I am only including the logs for days when we actually sat down with the specific goal of doing the BFIAR lesson, but on most other days in between where nothing is listed, we still either read the book or at least recited it together.  
* Within a few days, we were all able to recite the entire book.  I’d even hear the kids reciting the sound parts during their play at random times during the day.  It also came in handy in the car and on our trip at bedtime when I could recite the story for them. 🙂

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