Big Plans for a Little Mosaic Board

I bought this Mosaic Board off of this week.  I paid $6.48 total.  

There are other sets just like this that come with more pegs, but the actual pegs are smaller, so these would be better for older kids: 120 peg set and 160 peg set.  I opted for the biggest pegs (the 80 peg set) because little Lilah still loves to taste all of her toys!  I will definitely only put this out for play when I’m there to help her since this could be a choking hazard.
Yesterday, I put the mosaic board out for the kids to play with for the first time.  First Lilah:
She did really well with the activity for awhile, but she did become frustrated at not being able to put some of the pegs into the holes.  Some of them you really have to push to get to go in.  So, she asked for help quite often.
Then Luke had a turn.  Of course he sneaked off so I couldn’t get his picture, but here’s his work:
He did it all without any help from me and I didn’t hear any sounds of frustration from him while he was working either.
This activity is great for fine motor skills.  Holding onto the small pegs and aligning the pegs’ stems into the holes takes a lot of concentration and really uses your hand muscles.  Fine motor skills are what you use when you write, so strengthening fine motor skills is a great way to help your young child develop the muscle control needed for later writing.
We…or at least I…have big plans for this mosaic board.  I saw the cutest blog post a few months ago where the mom would use an erasable marker to draw a shape, letter, or number onto the mosaic board.  Then the child could use the pegs to create the shape, letter, or number.  I love how the activity combines the fine motor practice with the learning aspect.  I’m going to have to do some searching to find that blog post — hope it’s still out there.  
And I’ll also be thinking of other fun uses for our new mosaic board in the meantime–I’m thinking there could be lots of fun pattern activities! 🙂

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Genny Upton

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