BOB Books Printables for Beginning Readers: Set 1, Book 1 Mat and Book 2 Sam

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BOB Books printables for Mat and Sam

I am over the moon excited to share this post with you today!  I have teamed up with an AMAZING group of kid bloggers — 3 Dinosaurs, Royal Baloo, Rockabye Butterfly, This Reading Mama, and Walking by the Way — to share FREE BOB Books Printables for Beginning Readers with YOU!  We have each created our own set of printables to go along with each of the BOB Books and will be releasing them together weekly on our blogs!  (We have permission to use the BOB Books logo but are not otherwise affiliate with BOB Books or the BOB Books brand.)

What are BOB Books?  
In my opinion as a reading teacher and as a parent, BOB Books are simply the best phonics books for beginning readers out there today!!  You can click this link or the image below to see the books at Barnes & Noble.  


If you want to teach your child (or students) to read, these are great books to have on hand!! 

While using the books with my own 4 year old son over the past 9 months, I’ve found there aren’t a lot of materials out there to directly supplement the readers.  Though the books by themselves are fantastic, I find that it’s great to have some hands-on materials to enhance the learning, and that’s where our printables come in handy!!  

BOB Books printables for Mat and Sam

About My Printables:
Each of the bloggers in our Printables group has created our own set of printables to be used with BOB Books.  

Having such a vast array of activities to choose from will ensure you can find something just right for your little learner(s).  We have tried to each provide unique printables, and these cover a wide range of topics as well as ability levels.   

You might choose to do only one activity per book, or you might spend a week or two doing lots of activities before moving on to a new book.  It’s up to you and what works best in your situation and for your child.  

Some children may progress easily with little need for these printables, but others may need more time and hands-on practice than the books alone provide, and this is where the printables will really be helpful.  Additionally, some children just really enjoy go-along activities and will find many of these make learning to read lots of fun!

The Schedule:
Each week, I will be bringing you printables that I have created for one new BOB reader, as well as links to all the other bloggers’ printables for the same book.  For links to all of my Printables for Beginning Readers and a schedule of release dates for future printables by book, click the “BOB Books” tab at the top of the blog or click here

BOB Books on Pinterest:
We have a BOB Books Pinterest board you can follow to keep up with all the great resources that are being shared.  We really hope these printables will be useful to parents, teachers, homeschoolers, tutors, and more!!  

About Set 1:
For week #1, I am excited to be sharing with you printables to go along with not one, but TWO of the first BOB Books — Set 1, Book 1: Mat and Book 2: Sam!

BOB Books Set 1 is for beginning readers.  The box says for ages 4 and up, but that is just a guide as every child is different.  I started using Set 1 with my son just before he turned 4 very slowly and gently.  At age 4-1/2 he is now about mid-way through Set 3.  If you start your child young, be prepared to move slowly and at their pace.  If your child is older, you may be able to move through the books more quickly.  Just pay attention to your child and adjust your pace to best meet their needs.  Keep it fun and try to limit frustration as much as possible to help nurture a love of reading from the very beginning!

For reference, Set 2 is Advancing Beginners, Set 3 is Word Families, Set 4 is Complex Words, and Set 5 is Long Vowels.

An Overview of My FREE Printable Packs for Set 1:
My printable packs for Set 1 will always include the following parts, tailored to fit each book:

*Cover Page — Outlines terms of use and provides general information

*Table of Contents — Provides page numbers, contents, and notes needed for preparation

*Word Making — Cut apart letters for the child to manipulate to practice making words from the book.


*Word Sort — The child cuts words from the bottom of the page to practice sorting into categories.  After several practices, the child can glue the words in the appropriate columns.

*Sentence Making — Cut apart words for the child to manipulate to practice making sentences from the book.


*Sign Your Words — Learn to spell words from the book using sign language.  Includes cut-apart cards for practice.

*Play Dough Mats — Use these mats to practice making words from the book using play dough. 


*Word Climb — These sheets offer 4 levels of difficulty.  Read clues to your child to help them figure out a word which they’ll write onto their sheet.  The next clue will guide them to change, add, or remove one letter in the word to make a new word.  Each new word helps you to “climb” further up the mountain until you reach the top!


*Word Find Bottle — An easy, do-it-yourself, sensory I-Spy activity to help your child learn to read phonics words in a fun and hands-on way.  An optional checklist is included.  

*Drawing Page — A drawing and writing activity to go along with each book and promote reading and listening comprehension.

Links to My FREE Printables:
You will find my FREE printables in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  

Here are the direct links; just click the links below to go to the free printable download page.  Be sure to follow my store for more great printables coming soon!  

BOB Books printables for Mat and Sam

Here are links to ALL the great FREE printables for Set 1, Books 1 and 2 by my fellow blogging teammates and myself:

Where can you find BOB Books?
*check your library
*buy in a book store or online (B&N, Amazon)
*check Costco — they sell big “collection” sets of 8″ x 8″ (instead of the regular 4″ x 4″) books and are the cheapest I’ve found by far since each collection contains ~1-1/2 sets

Want to see a BOB book in action?
Here’s Luke a few days before turning 4 years old back in February reading BOB Books: Set 1, Book 1 – Mat.  It was the first book he ever read on his own!  This video shows his 5th or 6th time reading the book since the day before when he read it for the first time. 

Although an adult flipping quickly through these books the first time might find them overly simple and a bit boring, I am always amazed at how much Luke gets from the stories and how he loves the humor in them.  Quite often he laughs out loud while reading, and through his eyes, I’ve actually come to love these books even more!  BOB Books seem simple, and in the right ways they are, but as far as storytelling goes, it is amazing what they have done.  I mean, could you write a whole book capable of making a child laugh using only 4 sounds???  Yep, the book Mat uses only 4 sounds in the whole story.  Pretty amazing if you ask me!

Although I have made lots and lots of my own curriculum materials as a teacher and for my own children, this is the first curriculum pack I have made to share with others.  I would love to hear your feedback!!  Are the activities beneficial for your child?  Too difficult?  Too easy?  Are the directions clear?  Did you note any errors?  Which activities were the most fun?  Most helpful?  I would love to hear all of your feedback, both positive and critical, so that I can make future materials as helpful and easy to use as possible.  I would also love for you to rate the pack in my store as well.  Thanks for all of your support!  

There’s an APP for that!
BOB Book Apps for iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad available in the Apple iTunes store.  The images are clickable and are affiliate links.  If you shop through these links, your price will be the same but my family will gratefully receive a small portion of the proceeds.

Stay Tuned for More FREE BOB Books Printables:
Set 1, Book 3: Dot
Coming November 12th, 2012

Disclosure:  My printables are NOT affiliated with BOB Books or the BOB Books brand.  BOB Books Logo used with permission.  Some links included in this post are affiliate links through Barnes & Noble and Apple/iTunes.  If you purchase BOB Books or BOB apps through these links, your price will be the same, but our family will gratefully receive a small portion of the proceeds.

This post may contain affiliate links.

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