Printable Homework and Morning Work – and how I’m using it in my kindergarten homeschool!

printable homework

This past year I have been doing kindergarten homeschool with my oldest child, who just turned 6. By mid-year, his reading and math skills were advanced enough that I wanted to introduce him to some independent work — both for the additional benefits and challenges that would provide him, as well as for having

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The Very Best Pet for Kids

best pets for kids

I grew up around lots of different kinds of animals and I really want my kids to have the same kinds of experiences I had as a child. I think caring for animals teaches kids a lot about responsibility, life (and sometimes death), and compassion. Over my childhood, my family had countless kittens and

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Flubber Slime Recipe – Messy Play

flubber slime

It’s slime! It’s silly putty! It’s flubber! To be honest, I don’t really know what it is! I have always tiptoed on the edge of messy play, but feeling brave this week and wanting to try something new with the kids, we tried our hand at adapting a sensory play slime recipe from Growing

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Extreme Glitter Christmas Ornaments

extreme glitter

After the fun the kids and I had making Paint Swirl Christmas Ornaments, the idea struck me that we should try to make some more baubles using our new bottle of Extreme Glitter Mod Podge! Does the name “Extreme Glitter Mod Podge” get you as excited as it does me? Ok, probably not, but

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Paint Swirl Christmas Ornaments – An All Ages Holiday Craft

paint swirl ornaments

When I taught 5th grade many moons ago, my co-teacher introduced me to a super simple way to paint Christmas ornaments that turns out very professional looking, fancy, and beautiful. The kids loved the craft project, but I have to admit I was just as enthralled with making the baubles as the kids were.

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Holiday Printables: Journals for Kids

My Book of Thanks

Just yesterday I came across two very cute holiday printables for kids from a fellow blogger at Upside Down Homeschooling. The first is a Thanksgiving journal entitled My Book of Thanks: a 25 Day Gratitude Journal for Kids. You can choose either a Pre-K – 2nd grade version for younger kids or a 3rd-6th

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Our 2013-2014 Preschool & Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Plan

kindergarten homeschool curriculum plan

We have decided to officially homeschool our oldest who’s 5-1/2 for kindergarten this year, and continue with preschool at home for our youngest who just turned 4 years old. Over the next few posts, I’ll share with you the curriculum and resources we’ll be using this year, our school room set up, our organization

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Caterpillar and Butterfly Activities for Kids

caterpillar and butterfly activities

Welcome to Tuesday Tots! I just ordered our very first butterfly kit which is due to arrive later this month. My 3 and 5 year old are so excited to watch their very own caterpillars turn into butterflies! In anticipation of their arrival, I was excited to see that lots of caterpillar and butterfly

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Powder Paint Press Art

Powder Paint Press Art

Did you see the Sift and Spray Paint Art we did yesterday? The kids enjoyed it so much, we tried a different version of the same process art today: Powder Paint Press Art! We did this in the bath tub so the kids could have some messy, sensory play fun afterwards, but you can

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Sift and Spray Paint Art for Kids

spray paint art

Awhile back I picked up three big bottles of powdered tempera paint in red, blue, and yellow from a craft store sale. They’ve sat in my craft cabinet while I’ve been thinking of what fun things we could do with them. Today, an idea popped in my head, and the kids had a blast

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