Rainy Day Activities: Indoor Shower Ball Pit

shower ball pit

Today is one of those rainy days when all I want to do is curl up in my pajamas with a good book and relax the day away. Of course, being stuck inside means the kids have at least seventeen times the amount of energy they normally have, and by mid afternoon my dreams

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Rainy Day Activities

rainy day activities

Tuesday Tots is a weekly link-up sharing posts for kids 5 and under co-hosted by In Lieu of Preschool (me), Rainy Day Mum, Growing a Jeweled Rose, and Learn with Play at Home. Be sure to follow our Tuesday Tots Pinterest board! Today was cold and rainy for us, so when I saw so

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The Stuffed Animal Run

Yesterday morning I walked out of my bedroom into the freshly cleaned bonus room only to find the kids had emptied an entire laundry hamper full of their stuffed animals in the bonus room and in a trail leading down the hallway to their bedrooms. We had just finished talking to them about keeping

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An Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet Game

For more fun kids’ activities from In Lieu of Preschool, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, G+, Sulia, RSS, and/or by email today! This is a fun and simple activity that doesn’t take long to make or do. Alphabet Toss-Up incorporates movement into learning to get kids’ interest piqued and provides practice differentiating between upper

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A Reading Sucess & An Early Christmas Present

I love Craigslist! For Christmas this year, one of the kids’ main gifts is going to be a “home gym” of sorts, and Craigslist has been a great tool in making this happen because have you seen the prices for new gym mats and other stuff??? Geez! We are A-OK with USED in this

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