Printable Homework and Morning Work – and how I’m using it in my kindergarten homeschool!

printable homework

This past year I have been doing kindergarten homeschool with my oldest child, who just turned 6. By mid-year, his reading and math skills were advanced enough that I wanted to introduce him to some independent work — both for the additional benefits and challenges that would provide him, as well as for having

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Ladybug Activities for Kids

ladybug activities for kids

Welcome to Tuesday Tots! This week I’m featuring lots of ladybug activities for kids from the Tuesday Tots linky and from our archives. I grew up calling these insects ladybugs, but have also learned people call them ladybird beetles and lady beetles as these aren’t truly bugs. Whatever you choose to call these 6-legged

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Tips to Help Kids Build Mega Bloks Kits Independently

Tips to Help Kids Build Mega Bloks Kits Independently

My 5 year old son has been building with block kits since just before turning 4, and he has really gotten quite good at them. Now that my 3-1/2 year old daughter is starting to show interest in building and there are now girly kits like the Mega Bloks Barbie products that strike her

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Flower Number Cards

flower number cards

**This counting practice activity for kids is brought to you by Malia of Playdough to Plato. There’s no surer sign that spring has begun than seeing the bulbs in our front yard sprout. And after this year’s rainy, cold Seattle winter, I decided to celebrate by creating these colorful flower number cards. They were

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20 Preschool Math Activities

preschool math activities

I think it is so important to help your child gain an understanding of math concepts at an early age. This can best be done through every day life experiences and through play. This past week on Tuesday Tots there were several great preschool math activities presented that I just had to share with

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Kid’s Responsibility Board & Chore Chart System

chore chart

I have been searching high and low for a good chore chart system for my kids for quite awhile. While I have always tried to teach them to be responsible and independent, I felt it was time to move to a system of sorts…one that could begin to introduce the concept of money via

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18 Spring Activities for Kids

spring activities for kids

March 20th came and went this year, but we are STILL waiting for it to start feeling like spring! In the meantime, I’ve rounded up some of the best Spring Activities for Kids from last week’s Tuesday Tots and from our archives in hopes this will hurry the warmer weather our way!! There are

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Learning Numbers: Matching Counting to Print

learning numbers

My 3 year old is good at counting. She can count to about 30 independently as long as you don’t hold skipping #15 against her, and she can count even higher if you help her with every new “tens” number. She doesn’t recognize any numbers in print yet though. One simple idea I thought

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25+ Heart Activities for Kids


Tuesday Tots is a weekly link-up sharing posts for kids 5 and under co-hosted by In Lieu of Preschool (me), Rainy Day Mum, Growing a Jeweled Rose, and Learn with Play at Home. Be sure to follow our Tuesday Tots Pinterest board! Thanks to all who shared on Tuesday Tots last week! To see

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DIY Wood Block Puzzles for Kids


The kids (ages 3 and 4) have been very into playing with their wood blocks lately! They like to set up stages for their figurines and then play pretend. The other day while setting up, they were making some really neat shapes with their blocks, and so I thought it’d be fun to show

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