Ladybug Activities for Kids

ladybug activities for kids

Welcome to Tuesday Tots! This week I’m featuring lots of ladybug activities for kids from the Tuesday Tots linky and from our archives. I grew up calling these insects ladybugs, but have also learned people call them ladybird beetles and lady beetles as these aren’t truly bugs. Whatever you choose to call these 6-legged

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Planet Earth Crafts for Earth Day

planet earth crafts

I love Earth Day! It’s such a small holiday that most people probably don’t take much notice, but I do and I try to ensure my kids do, too. We work hard all year to reduce, reuse, and recycle in our household, but we try to step up our game in April in anticipation

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Planet Earth Paintings – Process Art for Kids

planet earth paintings

Looking for a fun Earth Day project to make with your kids? Try these process art, marbled Planet Earth Paintings! My kids had so much fun creating their little planetary masterpieces, and the finished art really looks like planet Earth from outer space. The project is so simple to set up, and even little

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