Holiday Printables: Journals for Kids

My Book of Thanks

Just yesterday I came across two very cute holiday printables for kids from a fellow blogger at Upside Down Homeschooling. The first is a Thanksgiving journal entitled My Book of Thanks: a 25 Day Gratitude Journal for Kids. You can choose either a Pre-K – 2nd grade version for younger kids or a 3rd-6th

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Even More Fun Activities for Kids using a Turkey Baster


Yesterday I shared 5 Fun Activities for Kids using a Turkey Baster as a guest post on WRAL: Go Ask Mom. Click here to read my original post and even find out where I’ve found turkey basters for just a dollar each!!! But that’s not all! Here are EVEN MORE ways to have fun

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Wash & Learn: A Turkey Basting Bath Time!


Here’s a simple Wash & Learn bath that is just in time for Thanksgiving! Break out your turkey basters for a little seasonal fun & learning in the tub! Your child will work on learning (or reviewing) their letters and colors, while also practicing fine motor skills and having a blast!! * * *

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Painting WITH Pumpkins: Art Exploration with Preschoolers


Remember last week when I told you we spent a whole afternoon painting WITH pumpkins? Well I was so excited then to tell you about the Rolling Pumpkin Paint Stamp we invented that I didn’t get into the other fun ways we experimented with paint and pumpkins, but now I’m back to tell you

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Make Your Own Rolling Pumpkin Paint Stamp


Luke (age 4) and Lilah (age 3) experimented painting with mini pumpkins all afternoon. We had a blast and I am going to share with you all the different techniques we tried, but towards the end of our painting experimentation session, I got an idea that turned out to be so successful and dare

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