The Very Best Pet for Kids

best pets for kids

I grew up around lots of different kinds of animals and I really want my kids to have the same kinds of experiences I had as a child. I think caring for animals teaches kids a lot about responsibility, life (and sometimes death), and compassion. Over my childhood, my family had countless kittens and

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Behind on Laundry {Memories of a Mom}


My 5 year old has suddenly taken affinity to certain items of clothing, one being his beloved Carolina Panthers shirt. He will wear it for a week straight unless we intervene and remind him that clothing must, at least occasionally, be washed. This week, I have been sick. In the bed sick. Apparently I

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Smile Through the Rain {Memories of a Mom}

smile through the rain

Sometimes it helps to smile through the rain… This is the first post in a series I hope to update regularly that I’m calling “Memories of a Mom.” I have written several posts before about what I should have written in my baby book, and even with those, I am still not keeping up

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The PuzzleMouse Project – Harvard Medical School needs YOUR help with their Research!

puzzlemouse project

This week I was contacted by Jena Daniels, the Clinical Project Coordinator in Dr. Dennis Wall’s lab at Harvard Medical School, who asked if I could help get the word out about a research project in which they currently need parent participation! (aka Harvard needs YOUR help!) Please consider taking a moment to read

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Holiday Printables: Journals for Kids

My Book of Thanks

Just yesterday I came across two very cute holiday printables for kids from a fellow blogger at Upside Down Homeschooling. The first is a Thanksgiving journal entitled My Book of Thanks: a 25 Day Gratitude Journal for Kids. You can choose either a Pre-K – 2nd grade version for younger kids or a 3rd-6th

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Our 2013-2014 Preschool & Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Plan

kindergarten homeschool curriculum plan

We have decided to officially homeschool our oldest who’s 5-1/2 for kindergarten this year, and continue with preschool at home for our youngest who just turned 4 years old. Over the next few posts, I’ll share with you the curriculum and resources we’ll be using this year, our school room set up, our organization

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Rainy Day Activities: Indoor Shower Ball Pit

shower ball pit

Today is one of those rainy days when all I want to do is curl up in my pajamas with a good book and relax the day away. Of course, being stuck inside means the kids have at least seventeen times the amount of energy they normally have, and by mid afternoon my dreams

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Tips to Help Kids Build Mega Bloks Kits Independently

Tips to Help Kids Build Mega Bloks Kits Independently

My 5 year old son has been building with block kits since just before turning 4, and he has really gotten quite good at them. Now that my 3-1/2 year old daughter is starting to show interest in building and there are now girly kits like the Mega Bloks Barbie products that strike her

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Nuvonivo – Cute clothes for Kids!

cute clothes for kids

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Ray Malouf, chief operating officer of Nuvonivo, a clothing company for kids, at a local community event. Nuvonivo is based in Raleigh, NC (local to me!) but their online retail store ships FREE to all 50 US states, Puerto Rico, and all US territories. Nuvonivo specializes

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Blueberry Banana Muffins: Baking and Book Making

blueberry banana muffins

This past week the kids and I did 3 themed learning activities involving blueberry banana muffins! Yum! We baked together, did a hands-on, messy play activity in the sand box that the kids have begged to repeat all week long, and even wrote and illustrated books about the process that the kids enjoy “reading”

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