Behind on Laundry {Memories of a Mom}


My 5 year old has suddenly taken affinity to certain items of clothing, one being his beloved Carolina Panthers shirt. He will wear it for a week straight unless we intervene and remind him that clothing must, at least occasionally, be washed. This week, I have been sick. In the bed sick. Apparently I

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Smile Through the Rain {Memories of a Mom}

smile through the rain

Sometimes it helps to smile through the rain… This is the first post in a series I hope to update regularly that I’m calling “Memories of a Mom.” I have written several posts before about what I should have written in my baby book, and even with those, I am still not keeping up

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Caterpillar and Butterfly Activities for Kids

caterpillar and butterfly activities

Welcome to Tuesday Tots! I just ordered our very first butterfly kit which is due to arrive later this month. My 3 and 5 year old are so excited to watch their very own caterpillars turn into butterflies! In anticipation of their arrival, I was excited to see that lots of caterpillar and butterfly

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Easy Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

mother's day crafts

Welcome to Tuesday Tots! This week I am featuring some easy Mother’s Day Crafts for kids that were shared in last week’s link-up and from our own archives! Beautiful flowers, personalized gifts with fingerprints and handprints, and fabulous painted flower pots! These crafts are sure to make Mom smile and warm her heart on

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Tuesday Tots – April 23rd Edition

Tuesday Tots

Welcome to Tuesday Tots! This week I am on a mini vacation with the hubs sans kids so I will not be featuring any new posts this week as I am *gasp* not even bringing along my computer, however, I am still hosting the Tuesday Tots linky and will resume featuring YOUR posts again

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Powder Paint Press Art

Powder Paint Press Art

Did you see the Sift and Spray Paint Art we did yesterday? The kids enjoyed it so much, we tried a different version of the same process art today: Powder Paint Press Art! We did this in the bath tub so the kids could have some messy, sensory play fun afterwards, but you can

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Ladybug Activities for Kids

ladybug activities for kids

Welcome to Tuesday Tots! This week I’m featuring lots of ladybug activities for kids from the Tuesday Tots linky and from our archives. I grew up calling these insects ladybugs, but have also learned people call them ladybird beetles and lady beetles as these aren’t truly bugs. Whatever you choose to call these 6-legged

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Rainy Day Activities: Indoor Shower Ball Pit

shower ball pit

Today is one of those rainy days when all I want to do is curl up in my pajamas with a good book and relax the day away. Of course, being stuck inside means the kids have at least seventeen times the amount of energy they normally have, and by mid afternoon my dreams

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American Flag Easel Painting

american flag easel paintings

As part of the Introduction to US Geography for Little Kids series, today I shared an art activity on the Melissa & Doug blog: American Flag Easel Painting. My 5 year old LOVED this activity! It’s a great way to squeeze in lots of learning in a way that will keep kids’ attention! You

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Teaching US Geography with Puzzles

teaching US geography with puzzles

My two young children have expressed a rapt interest in geography as of late. Teaching US geography with puzzles has been one of our favorite ways to play and learn so far. I knew introducing map puzzles would be a great way to feed the kids’ desire to learn, but I’ve actually been surprised

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