Chapter Books for Preschoolers #1: The Magic Tree House series

I’ve had lots of questions about when to start reading chapter books and what chapter books to start with, so I thought I’d keep a running log of the chapter books I’ve read with L&L:

#1 The Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne

These were the first chapter books I started reading with L&L.  Luke was almost 3 when we began with these, so we’ve been reading these off and on for the past year.  Love them!


  • These are ~60 page chapter books about Jack and Annie and their adventures in the magic tree house.  
  • They are filled with content specific vocabulary (yay!) and are pretty quick reads.  
  • I started reading these to Luke when he was almost 3 (he has always loved books) and he would from the very beginning request I read the whole book in one sitting.  
  • We’ve read probably ~10 of the titles and some of them we’ve repeated at least 4-5 times.
  • I find the wording and topics pretty safe for the preschool set.  I think the only thing I’ve changed is that sometimes Jack says, “I’m going to KILL you,” to his sister and I change the wording to, “I’m going to GET you,” since I think the first sentence is a bit strongly worded for a preschooler.
  • Lilah loves these as much as Luke.  She’s currently 29 months old.  Luke is currently a month shy of 4 years old.
  • The best price I found for these was for the boxed set from Scholastic Book Clubs (42 books for $65).
  • These are best when read in order because the story line connects, but they can be read in any order because the story does stand alone enough that it shouldn’t be confusing.
  • There are some fun activities and printables (including a passport guide where you can track the books you’ve read) at their website:
  • L&L also both really like Magic Tree House: The Musical which provides a nice oral summary of the entire series. 🙂

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    wow, sure wish I could find that special boxed price on scholastic. The best price I seem to find is 28 books for $100 🙁

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