Christmas Bubble Art & DIY Wrapping Paper

Remember the Christmas Bubbles we showed you the other day?  Well, we did even more with them than we first shared!!  After we had our fun blowing red and green bubbles all over our tabletop, then we had even more fun making Christmas Bubble Art…

…which we later turned into wrapping paper for birthday and Christmas presents!!!

To do the Christmas Bubble Art, I simply transferred the red and green bubble solutions we had left to smaller containers and placed them on a big piece of paper from our easel roll which was taped to the table.

The kids used their straws to get the cups of solution to bubble over onto the paper.




After the bubbles died down in one area, we’d move the cup to a different spot on the paper and blow some more!





The kids loved the colorful bubble fountains they created!!  And the white paper helped the colors to show up even better than when we blew the bubbles directly on the table.

When the kids were finished, we left the paper to dry on the table all day.  At night, when the paper was no longer covered in soggy wet puddles, I was able to carefully remove it from the table and lay it over a kitchen chair to dry further.  I also wiped up the kids’ table and gave it a good scrubbing.

The next day the Christmas Bubble Art was dry, and we thought it looked pretty cool!


We had a few presents we needed to wrap — one for Christmas and one for a birthday — and this paper suited both perfectly!  I love it when kids’ process art can make such a cute and useful product like wrapping paper!


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Disclosure: This activity did not stain our table or clothing, but please test first to ensure you will obtain the same results.  Play clothes and a plastic table covering are always safe options if you are concerned! 🙂

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