Christmas Bubbles

This is such a simple indoor bubble activity to set up and my kids have such fun with it that we’ve already done it several times!  To make our bubbles more festive for the holiday, this time we made red and green bubble solutions for Christmas!!

Christmas Bubbles indoor blowing with straws

First, we started by making our homemade bubble solution, which we first shared here.  To make red and green bubbles, we simply mixed in some food coloring along with the 1/4 cup of dish soap and 1 cup of water.  I split the total recipe between the two bowls.


Then we wiped some of the solution onto the table.  Eventually, we dumped some of the solution onto the table to see if we could blow bigger bubbles that way.

The kids dipped their straws into the bowls of solution, put the dipped end onto the bubble solution-covered table, and — ta-da! — pretty, colored Christmas bubbles!!

blowing bubbles indoors











The bubble solution did not stain our non-porous table, but you should test this first to ensure you’ll have the same results.  My children’s clothing was also not stained, but play clothes are always a safe option for any type of messy play!  

This activity should be supervised at all times to ensure your child is BLOWING through the straw and not breathing or sucking through it.  It’s probably best for ages 4+, but my 3 year old has gotten quite good at it over time.

Have you tried blowing bubbles indoors?
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