Creating Comfy Reading Spaces: DIY Rain Gutter Book Shelf for Kid’s Beds

We put up a vinyl rain gutter book shelf along the wall of Luke’s twin loft bed about a year ago and it has been a huge hit!  He loves to read in bed.


Now that Lilah is getting a little older, we just added a shelf in her room this week!  She LOVES it! 

The shelves are relatively easy to assemble and put up.  Of course I can say this because DH is the one who did all the work! 😉  Thanks, honey!!



Here’s a breakdown of what we paid for one shelf:
+ $7 for a 10′ gutter section (vinyl, not metal!)
+ $3 for end caps (x2)
+ $3 for brackets (x2)
+ <$1 for 2 screws
~$20 for one shelf

The bedside shelf is great for so many reasons:

  • At ~$20, it’s relatively inexpensive if you’ve priced shelving lately.
  • It runs the entire length of a twin bed, so it holds a TON of books, and it holds them well because of the gutter’s shape.  This puts a lot of books right at your child’s fingertips!
  • It allows the book covers to face forward, which is the best way to attract a reader’s attention.  
  • It makes it easy for the kids’ to access their books in their loft bed without having to climb up and down to exchange books.
  • It keeps the books off of the bed and stored neatly, so stacks of books aren’t constantly sliding off onto the floor. 
  • Another plus if your child is potty training is that books won’t be left all over the bed (ideally speaking) in case of an accident!  I try to get L&L to take off only one book at a time and then replace it.

Another plus of making this rain gutter book shelf is that we only used 80″ of the 10′ shelf, so we also have another ~40″ that the kids can use as an outdoor ramp for their balls or cars.

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