Creating Comfy Reading Spaces: Reading in Bed

Do you want your child to
Do you wish your child ENJOYED reading?  

One way you can help facilitate this is to create comfortable spaces for reading!  These are great to create for kids who LOVE to read already, too, and might encourage them to read even MORE.

Don’t think reading is just for readers…my 2 and 4 year olds aren’t actually “reading” yet in the true sense, but they both will spend lots of time looking at books independently, which is SUPER for developing future reading habits, learning about story lines, getting accustomed to print concepts, and so much more!!!  

We recently bought bed rest / husband pillows for the children’s beds to make reading in bed more cozy for them, and they love them!!  

Right now is a great time to look for these as it’s back-to-school time.  I’ve seen them for sale at Target and Walmart recently, in addition to several other “bedding” type stores.  You can find them in fun and funky prints, colors, and textures, so find one your child will love and they just might be more willing to spend a little extra time with a book. 🙂


Here’s a photo of Luke’s, too, but he was not in the mood for photos the day I was taking these…

What is your child’s favorite place to read?

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