Cutting Hearts: Tracing and Scissor Practice


I saw a post over at My Montessori Journey titled Heart Cutting Work and thought it’d be the perfect tracing and scissor practice activity for Luke since it’s almost Valentine’s Day! 🙂


I didn’t know if Luke would like the activity or not, but after making one heart, he was *very* excited to make more!

Here’s what we did:

1. I drew half of a heart shape as a template on cardboard and cut it out.  I used a piece of cardboard I’d saved that had been packing material in kids’ clothing I ordered online.  I’ll all about recycling materials. 🙂


2. I folded various colors of card stock and construction paper in half.  I cut each piece into 2 so that Luke could make 2 hearts from each piece of paper.


3. I modeled how to position the template on the folded edge of the paper and trace around it with a marker.


4. I modeled how to hold the paper while cutting out the heart shape.  Luke was super impressed that when I unfolded it, it was a heart! 🙂


5. I gave Luke the materials and let him give it a try, helping as needed with the first one and then mostly just casually observing while he made more.


He did trace and cut out one heart that he did not do on the folded edge.  It of course made a heart that was in two halves.  I explained why it happened, and he was careful from them on to find the fold before laying down his template.

Luke *really* liked this activity and he was very proud of all his hearts.  

We thought they turned out great!


We also thought the leftover paper looked pretty cool, too!

I think I’ll let Luke glue his hearts on paper to create Valentine’s Cards for our next project. 🙂

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 <3 Happy Valentine's Day <3

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