Daily Log for August 2, 2011

DS is 3.5 years old and DD is 23 months old.  This is what we did today:

Today’s Date

August 2, 2011

Bible Verse

“Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven.” Matthew 5:16



Sight Word

Read Alouds

Creation (Bible Rhyme Story Time book from Dollar General for $1)

Read verse, application, sang song, and reviewed key cards; cut out “l” words and put into baseball card holder; “Ll” tracing sheets; Verse coloring sheets; read easy reader book “I see”
Book Title + Author

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen

Read book; Reviewed sequence cards from Day 1 making appropriate sounds down the row; made the “which bear lives where” page (I cut, Luke glued); read the book aloud again while marching around the house acting it out; colored bear patterns with markers (Luke did 2 strips, Lilah did 1, I cut); watched the author’s YouTube video again later in the day; read a nonfiction bear book before bed
Unit #

Sight Words

a, and, see, the

traced words on stamping sheet; stamped words on stamping sheet; circled words with different colored dry erase crayons and markers (page was in a page protector); practiced reading and spelling words through each of the listed activities
Lesson #

Have not yet started





Math: Pattern Blocks (made 4 different hexagons, each using only one color of blocks; made a butterfly and a duck on a colored pattern sheet)

Classics for Kids: This Week’s Show — Pop go the classics

Nursery Rhymes: colored “Do You Know the Muffin Man?” page; added to Nursery Rhyme book; read, sang, and listened to song on iTunes; Luke read all 11 nursery rhymes to me

Leapfrog Tag Reader: Green Eggs and Ham — battery died near end so I finished reading the book with him

Fine Motor Activity (homemade): pushing colored buttons through the matching colored slits in a plastic container





Book #

Have not yet started
Book Title

Medallion Earned?


Haven’t really started this yet…

…but each night at dinner we are reviewing our Bible verse and life applications by telling Dad about what we’re learning and also showing him any related work we completed with the lesson


* This is not a lesson plan, but rather a recap of what we actually did.  This was our 2nd day of implementing our “curriculum”.  It was the 3rd day of You Can Read.

* Big Hits with the kids today: the bear patterns activity with markers, the nursery rhyme coloring page and re-reading of the entire nursery rhyme book, and their own idea of exercise: racing around the downstairs on their respective Radio Flyer scooter bikes.

* Not such big hits with the kids today: The Classics for Kids radio show.  It’s only 6 minutes long, but they were running around and not listening much at all.  I thought it to be a little dry myself, but hopefully getting into a routine of listening to it a few times a week will make it familiar and get them more interested.  And I’m not discounting the fact that sometimes they are paying a lot of attention when I think they are paying none at all.  We’ll see how it goes. 🙂

These lessons and activities are designed mostly for 3.5 year old DS.  DD who is (almost) 2 years old participates when she is willing and able.  I adapt things and attempt to include her whenever possible.  

Please note we do not do all of these things every day!  I plan for and have most of it readily available each day, but our schedule is VERY flexible.  If we like an activity and want to stick with it for an hour, we do.  If we change our minds and decide to go out for the day instead, we do.  If the kids decide they’d rather ride their Radio Flyer scooter cars around the house at alarming speeds, they do.  Our main goal is to have fun, with a little learning thrown in for good measure. 🙂

Here’s a link to a an overview of what we use for our “curriculum” or you can click on the menu tab “Our Curriculum” at the top of the page.

Abbreviations I sometimes use:
RRSP: Raising Rock Stars Preschool
BFIAR: Before Five in a Row
FIAR: Five in a Row
YCR: You Can Read
RME: Reading Made Easy
WBX: Workboxes
MTH: Magic Tree House
RRS: Raising Rock Stars

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    Thanks for sharing– I’m very interested in seeing how your year shapes up. My little ones are exactly a year behind yours. (My DS is 2.5 and DD is 11 mos.) We’re doing a lot of literature based activities right now. Love the BFIAR books! Anyways, I’m a new subscriber. 🙂

  • Hi Amanda! Thanks for reading. Hope you find some helpful ideas. 🙂

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