Dinosaur & Volcano Small World Play

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Dinosaur & Volcano Small World Play in the Bath

This week we bring you Dinosaur & Volcano Small World Play in the bath, and it might just be my preschoolers favorite bath time so far.  My 4 year old actually requested something to the effect of “dinosaurs and volcano with lava oozing down and red lava rocks shooting out from the volcano and smokey gray clouds coming up from the volcano covering the sky.”  I’m beginning to think his brain is as full of crazy ideas as mine is!  So it was just up to me to add a few more details to pull off his vision.  And both kids absolutely LOVED it!!

Dinosaur & Volcano Small World Play in the Bath

The set-up was surprisingly simple considering all the details of the request.  I cut a brown volcano and several black clouds from sheets of craft foam.  I wet the volcano and it stuck to the wall of the bath like a removable sticker.  I simply floated the black clouds in the bath water since the volcano hadn’t erupted yet.  I tossed in some shiny red pom poms to act as the pyroclastic lava rocks Luke had requested, and I set up some of the kids’ plastic dinosaur figurines on the edge of the bath.

Dinosaur & Volcano Small World Play in the Bath

While the tub filled, I whipped up some lava paint so the kids could paint the volcanic eruption themselves.  It’s super simple to make!

Dinosaur & Volcano Small World Play in the Bath
Lava Paint = shaving cream + red food coloring.  Mix well.

It takes a good bit of food coloring, but we didn’t have any issues with staining.  The lava paint washed completely away when we were finished playing.

lava paint

I made our lava paint in one of the pieces of our coconut shell.  You can see all the other fun we’ve had with this coconut here.  It gave it a bit of a prehistoric look, which fit in well with the dinosaurs and volcano!

lava paint

The kids had so much fun putting the volcano together!  First they finger painted the vertical blast of lava, followed by some more gentle lava flows down the side of the volcano.

Dinosaur & Volcano Small World Play in the Bath

They used up every bit of lava paint I had made crafting the eruption, and then they added the black clouds of smoke and ash covering the sky.

Dinosaur & Volcano Small World Play in the Bath

After the big volcanic eruption, they played with the toy dinosaurs for a bit…until I introduced part 2 of our Dinosaur & Volcano Small World Play:

You can pop right over here to my new site, Parent Teach Play, to see what we did next!  It’s worth seeing if I do say so myself!! 😉

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