DIY Pocket Chart Stand for Classrooms, Homeschools, Preschools, & more!

I posted this on Facebook last November before I started blogging regularly, so I thought I’d repost here now since this is still a favorite in our home (pre)school setting!

This is the second pocket chart stand DH has made for me from PVC pipe.  The first one he made for me years ago when I was a classroom teacher, but at some point after I quit, I’m told it was dismantled and “repurposed” as tent stakes.  Go figure!  When I started getting serious about home preschooling L&L, I knew I wanted another!  We use our pocket chart stand a lot!  Several times a week we use it for calendar activities and for the choral reading of seasonal poems.  Currently we’re also using it as a holder for our All About Reading alphabet chart which is simply clipped onto one of the pocket charts with small clothes pins!

To make our chart stand, we used these two links as guidance: DIY Pocket Chart Stand and How To Make a Pocket Chart Stand (you have to scroll down about halfway to see the photo and instructions).

We modified ours to specifically fit a standard-sized pocket chart, which is my largest chart.  To do this, we simply measured the largest chart I wanted to use, and then added a little extra to each measurement to come up with the needed pipe lengths.  We also made the legs below the bottom horizontal bar really short so that L&L (ages 2 and 4) could reach all the way to the top of the chart.  As they get older, I can always make the chart taller if needed by simply replacing those two short pipes with longer ones.

We didn’t paint ours or glue it together, though you could do either or both.  I like that we can disassemble it if we ever need to, yet it’s sturdy.  Luke usually drags it out when we’re ready to use it and it has yet to fall apart on us; even if it did, we’d just have to shove the pipes back into the connectors.

To hang my charts on the PVC stand, I used shower curtain rings from Walmart or Target.  I’ve also used large metal book rings before.  I hung my pocket charts back-to-back so that we can make use of both sides of the stand.  It’s definitely a space saver that way, which is important when your classroom is also your HOME!  

The poem in the standard pocket chart is the one we used for Thanksgiving/November and came from My Montessori Journey.  The dots under the words help my pre-readers know where to point while “reading” so they can work on one-to-one matching.

On the other side of our stand is our calendar chart.  We have a different one now (this one…I scored it for $6.99!), but at the time, we were using this pocket chart with 1+1+1’s Calendar Connection cards in it.

This is another project my DH did for me, but I promise it really isn’t difficult at all, and it is SO much cheaper than commercially available chart stands!!  If you are a preschool or elementary teacher on a tight budget, a homeschooler, a Sunday School teacher, a parent who likes to supplement at home, or you run an in-home daycare, this do-it-yourself pocket chart stand project is definitely for you!  And well, if there ever comes a time you don’t need it anymore, I hear it makes a great set of tent stakes! 😉

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