DIY Wood Block Puzzles for Kids

DIY wood block puzzles for kids

The kids (ages 3 and 4) have been very into playing with their wood blocks lately!  They like to set up stages for their figurines and then play pretend.  The other day while setting up, they were making some really neat shapes with their blocks, and so I thought it’d be fun to show them how we could make DIY wood block puzzles!   

I first saw this activity here on Hands on As We Grow.  Be sure to pop over to see the fun they had with their homemade puzzle, and also check out more of Jamie’s amazing hands-on activities for toddlers and preschoolers!!

The set up for DIY wood block puzzles is super simple…

DIY wood block puzzles for kids

…and the kids had a blast fitting the blocks into the rectangular shape on the floor.  
The 3 year old did most of the filling in of the shape with a little help from Mom.

DIY wood block puzzles for kids

When she finished, the 4 year old didn’t like that the rectangular shape was not level since he wanted to use it for a stage for his figurine play, 

…so he sought out a few finishing blocks to make the puzzle more complete and level by adding some inverse ramps and stairs which I thought was pretty inventive!

 I love how he used blocks on top of blocks to make our puzzle more 3D and uniform!  Here’s our completed puzzle which the kids proceeded to use as a stage for their figurine play. 🙂 

DIY wood block puzzles for kids

DIY wood block puzzles for kids is such a great activity for problem solving, critical thinking, and spatial awareness!  And it’s fun and easy to set up!  A great indoor activity for when you need one! 

DIY wood block puzzles for kids
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