Drawing for Preschoolers: Lightning McQueen!

Yesterday Luke (just turned 4yo) and I had our first ever attempt at drawing following a diagram.  I knew going into it that the book we were using was definitely not meant for preschoolers (or even artistically-challenged adults for that matter) but we gave it our best effort and we had fun!

Knowing Luke was interested in learning to draw had me searching on Pinterest today for some preschool-friendly drawing sites and I came across Blue Tadpole Studio.  The step-by-step drawings they share seem pretty simple.  I was excited to even find a Lightning McQueen one.  Luke has LOVED Cars (the movie) for a long time now, so I knew that would be a big hit!

I printed the instructions from the website and put them into a page protector.  

I gave Luke a Crayola sketchbook I picked up for him at A.C. Moore for 40% off and we got to work.  

(I got him the sketchbook to use only when we’re drawing together so we can look back and see how he’s progressing over time.  I drew on an old scrap of paper, but maybe I should get a book to track my progress, too! LOL)  

Luke did all the drawing himself except I did the number “95” for him and the big and small lightning bolts because those were fairly difficult, he asked me to, and I didn’t want him to get too frustrated since he is really liking this so far.  I also helped him erase when needed, because as you proceed to the next step in the drawings, sometimes you have to erase previous lines.  

Here’s how it turned out: (much better than yesterday!!)

Luke’s Lightning McQueen

Luke’s drawing with no flash

Mommy’s drawing

Luke’s drawing – top, Mommy’s drawing – bottom

Luke’s drawing

Our drawings and the instructions

I hate to say it but I think Luke schooled me on this drawing.  His seems much more proportionally correct than mine! LOL

Here are a few sites I found which had pretty simple step-by-step drawings that I think would be appropriate for preschoolers:

Do you have any preschool drawing recommendations or suggestions?

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