Easy Art: Sticker Scene

Sometimes art is messy.  Sometimes art takes LOTS of supplies.  Sometimes art is difficult to clean up.  But sometimes, just sometimes, art is easy.

All you need for this EASY art is: 

  • paper, 
  • crayons (other drawing utensils), and
  • stickers.

EASY Art: Sticker Scene Directions

  1. Start by figuring out what stickers you are going to use.  You need to decide this first so that the child can draw a relevant scene.
  2. Draw a scene using crayons (or other drawing utensils) on paper.
  3. Add the stickers to the scene that was drawn.

Easy peasy!

Here is one that Luke did recently.  He drew an outdoor scene with water, grass, a sun, and a moon…hey, it’s ART! 😉  Then he added animal stickers.


Extensions and Notes:

  • Luke recently turned 4 and is just beginning to be able to draw “scenes.”  If your child is not able to draw scenes yet, they can just color a page and add stickers.  Or you could help them to draw a scene and then they could add the stickers.  One idea for helping them draw a scene would be to draw a scene using marker outlines, let them color it with crayons, and then add the stickers to it.
  • You can get sticker packs at Michael’s and A.C. Moore for $1/each.  This sticker scene used about 1/2 a page from a sticker book with about 6 pages of stickers, so they’re pretty cheap.
  • Peeling and sticking stickers is GREAT fine motor practice!

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Genny Upton

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