Enter a Kid’s Holiday Craft for a Chance to Win a $250 Creativity Kit!

Here’s an exciting opportunity for all you crafty mama’s and papa’s out there!  

The Studio arts and craft creativity contest

Do you have a cool kids holiday craft? 

Share it with The Studio community by Kiwi Crate and you could win the grand prize: a $250 Creativity Kit!  
I’ll bet you could have a LOT of fun with that!!

10 first prize winners will also receive an exclusive Creativity Kit valued at $25!

To enter, simply submit photographs and step-by-step instructions for your craft(s) and invite friends and family to vote.  

Be sure to enter by November 12th!

Go here now to enter!

Even if you don’t have a craft to enter in the contest, you can visit The Studio to see lots of really neat, crafty project ideas!

To learn more about Kiwi Crate or sign up for their monthly kids’ craft crates, go here:

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