Eraser Dot Art

After completing our thank you cards by dipping the eraser end of a pencil in blue paint and then dotting them on the circles of the letters in the words “thanks”  (see blog post here)…

…we decided to do a little free-style eraser art.  I added red and yellow paint to the kids’ plastic yogurt lids which already had blue paint on them, and they continued to dip and dot away!

Here are L&L’s (overly-full-at-the-moment) art display lines hanging on our kitchen windows:

And here are some art pieces from little friends who were staying with us and tried out the eraser art, too.  I cut out pretty sections from their dried art and glued it onto card stock for them to take home.  

Have you tried eraser art?

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Genny Upton

A former teacher turned stay at home mom to two preschool aged children. Creator (and writer) at In Lieu of Preschool and Parent Teach Play. Currently publishing my first children's picture book!