Extreme Glitter Christmas Ornaments

After the fun the kids and I had making Paint Swirl Christmas Ornaments, the idea struck me that we should try to make some more baubles using our new bottle of Extreme Glitter Mod Podge! Does the name “Extreme Glitter Mod Podge” get you as excited as it does me? Ok, probably not, but alas, the stuff is cool! It’s a way to use glitter without getting it all over the house. That is reason enough to get excited in my book!!! These ornaments turned out so colorful and sparkly, and they were so simple to craft. I *need* to go buy more ornaments so we can have them in all colors all over our Christmas tree!!


Extreme Glitter Christmas Ornaments

Materials Needed:

  • Hollow Glass Ball Ornaments with removable tops
  • Extreme Glitter Mod Podge (found where the regular Mod Podge was in the craft store)
  • Food Coloring Gels
  • Cups for collecting drainage

mod podge ornament

How to Make Extreme Glitter Christmas Ornaments:

1. Pour some “Extreme Glitter” Mod Podge into a small container. Squeeze in a few drops of food coloring gel. Mix well. We used red for one and a mix of red and yellow for the other. Great way to demonstrate color mixing to kids!

2. Remove the top from your glass ball ornament and set it aside for later. Carefully pour your colored Mod Podge mixture into the ornament.

3. Gently swirl the mixture around the ornament to coat the interior of the ornament.

4. Put the ornament upside down into a cup to dry. Be sure the ornament is suspended a bit so the liquid has room to drain out.

mod podge ornaments

5. Wait at least overnight for the ornament to dry. Gently put the top back on the ornament once dry. Hang it on your tree, tie it to a gift, or display it on an ornament stand!


extreme glitter ornament

These ornaments are so pretty in person. I had a really hard time capturing in the photos just how really glittery they are!

mod podge glitter ornaments


For more tips on making these ornaments, see our Paint Swirl Ornaments’ bonus tips section!


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