Fancy Chocolate Cupcakes for Valentine’s Play

  fancy chocolate cupcakes for Valentine's play

I’m not sure what it is about a cupcake that makes people love them so much, but we’ve found that even cupcakes made from play dough are super fun — especially when they’re made with chocolate play dough that smells DIVINE!  

Here are our fancy chocolate cupcakes for Valentine’s play:

Fancy Chocolate Cupcakes for Valentine's Play

Materials Needed:

  • Play Dough
  • Silicone cupcake cups
  • Decorations, such as sprinkles and cupcake toppers

We used our recipe for Mexican Chocolate play dough.  We actually made the play dough about 4 months ago, and it’s still as good as the day we made it!  It smells amazing!!

Fancy Chocolate Cupcakes for Valentine's Play


1.  Fill the silicone cupcake molds with a hunk of chocolate play dough for the cake.

2.  Roll out a long snake of play dough in whatever color you’d like to use for icing.  We used more chocolate play dough and also a couple of store bought colors like a light purple and pink.  Roll your snake into a spiral pattern, pressing gently so it keeps its shape.  Put it on top of your cake.  Now you have fancy icing!

3.  Top your cupcake with a topper, sprinkles, or whatever other decorations you’d like to add.  We used paper toppers and real food sprinkles to decorate ours.  Both were found at Target for ~$1-2/pack.  We also topped one cupcake with a candy pop we made.  See how we made those here.

fancy chocolate cupcakes for valentine's play  

Now you have made fancy chocolate cupcakes for Valentine’s play!  My kids love to make a bunch and then pretend to sell them and eat them.  This kind of sensory and pretend play usually keeps them busy for quite some time!!

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