Our Favorite Picture Books

favorite picture books
These are some of our favorite picture books (in alphabetical order).  By favorite, I mean we’ve read them minimally 10 times each…true favorites!  Click on the title to see the full blog post or a link to the title on Amazon.  Check back often for new additions! 🙂

Our Favorite Picture Books

Anthologies We Love:


favorite picture books


Having recently started posting about reading chapter books with L&L, I wanted to make sure to emphasize that picture books are still very, very important!  These are great to read to or with your child all the way through elementary school…and beyond if they’ll let you! 🙂  

We read probably a minimum of 5 picture books a day but usually it’s more like 10 to 20.  If they’ll listen and we have the time, we read!!!  We sit down at least once a day…sometimes 2-3 times a day…for what I fondly call “Book Marathons.” I normally lay the books I’ve selected or that the kids have picked out where they can see them, and then L&L take turns picking which one is next.  We either read them all, or read until we run out of time or lose focus, and then we save the rest for later.  When we finish reading together, a lot of times, L&L will ask to take the books to read on their own for awhile longer.

We also check out books from the library as often as we can.  We keep our library books in a basket in the living room for easy access. 🙂

favorite picture books

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