Finding Answers to Kids’ Questions: "Why are my ears waxy?"

My 4 year old asks more questions in a day than I can track.  When I don’t know the answer we usually do our best to find one.  We’ve researched his questions so often that if I don’t respond with an answer right away now, he’ll go ahead and say, “We should look it up on the computer!”  And so we do…and just in case you don’t know either, we’ll share our findings with you in our “Finding Answers to Kids’ Questions” posts. 🙂

Luke’s latest pondering is “Why are my ears waxy?”  It’s really a good question for him to ask because boy, his ears really ARE waxy!!  It’s interesting because I don’t think I’ve had to ever once do a special cleaning of Lilah’s ears, yet Luke’s ears we have to clean at least twice a week!  Crazy!

I didn’t have a good answer for Luke when he asked, so we turned to the internet, and here’s the helpful article we found: “What’s Earwax?” by Kids Health.  It’s a neat link because the article is actually written for kids.  

…and now we know the REST of the story!  Forgive me….I grew up listening to Paul Harvey on the radio!!! 🙂

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